Idol Throne – Attack the Raven’s Blade

Newer bands often face an uphill climb to establish presence and credibility in a sea of releases, especially in the metal landscape. One act rising to that challenge is Midwestern quintet Idol Throne Read more […]

Arch Enemy – Deceivers (Century Media)

Arch Enemy’s last album, Will to Power, was released in 2017.  The band did some very heavy touring in support of said record, but with COVID and everyone staying out of the live venues for a significant Read more […]

Nordic Union – Animalistic (Frontiers Music)

After establishing credibility and interest with a self-titled album and Second Coming follow-up, Nordic Union aims to continue the further development of this endearing melodic heavy metal project through Read more […]

The Halo Effect – Days of the Lost (Nuclear Blast)

The lineup of Swedish act The Halo Effect has integral ties to the origins of the melodeath moniker known as The Gothenburg Sound. All of the members have history with In Flames throughout various stages Read more […]

Savage Master – Those Who Hunt at Night (Shadow Kingdom Records)

From the deep south, occult heavy metal act Savage Master have always embraced mysterious imagery and stage personas against a very catchy brand of classic-infused, straightforward traditional approach Read more […]

David Readman – Medusa (Self-Released)

Known for his vast work across the melodic hard rock/metal landscape with acts like Pink Cream 69, Voodoo Circle, Adagio, and Almanac, David Readman hasn’t released a solo album since his self-titled Read more […]

Spirit Adrift – 20 Centuries Gone (Century Media)

Combining a mix of cover songs plus two original new tracks that express the wide array of metal, hard rock, and southern boogie/blues-styled influences on hand, Spirit Adrift arrives at 20 Centuries Gone. Read more […]

Edenbridge – All Paths Lead to Shangri-La

Symphonic metal veterans Edenbridge have a well-established discography and following as they close in on their 25th anniversary as a group in 2023. The eleventh studio album Shangri-La allows the quintet Read more […]

Black Magnet – Body Prophecy (20 Buck Spin)

Industrial metal and electronic/synth music in general hold a special place in this writer’s musical landscape. That late 80s/early 90s vibe of industrial metal’s prime still sounds just as beautifully Read more […]

Psycroptic – Divine Council (Prosthetic Records)

Two decades active in their technical death metal ways, Psycroptic continues to evolve as options, inspiration, and new tools come into the mix. For this latest album Divine Council, beyond the supplemental Read more […]

Amon Amarth – The Great Heathen Army (Metal Blade)

Undisputed leaders in the Viking-oriented melodic death metal scene, Amon Amarth conjure up those old school battlefields where swords, shields, and mighty warriors battled for pride, freedom, and territory. Read more […]

Nordic Union – Talent Personified

One of the highlights in the modern music era is the proliferation of talented musicians combining their skillsets to offer the public more recordings than ever before. Nordic Union started in 2016, putting Read more […]

StormbounD – December (Self-Released)

Marketing in the modern music industry has changed compared to the early practices of radio play, physical sales, and then hitting the road. These days singles and videos can make modest in roads, setting Read more […]

Aquila – The Great Fire (Self-Released)

Previously gracing a Sifting Through Bandcamp column back in July 2020 for their Jewel of the Empire’s Crown EP, Ontario’s Aquila returns with another four-song EP for The Great Fire. Victim to the Read more […]

Toxik – Heavier Yet Still Cynical

Just before online media consumption usurped the old-fashioned in print marketplace, this scribe used to be a co-editor for a few years in the late 90’s/early 2000’s at Snakepit magazine. Unearthing Read more […]

Fall and Resist – Darkness of Now (Self-Released)

Often well-established genres within metal garner more respect in the hands of musicians from remote parts of the world. Although metalcore became a US staple during the late 90’s/early 2000’s thanks Read more […]

Soulfly – Totem (Nuclear Blast)

Evolution has been a constant in the world of Max Cavalera. A pure lover of all forms of heavy music (and beyond), listeners have come to expect progression record to record, no matter what outfit or configuration Read more […]

Jeff Wagner – Destination: Onward and Beyond

It’s been an honor to know music appreciator, journalist, and friend Jeff Wagner since the late teens as we both were contributors to Curious Goods fanzine during the late 80’s/early 90’s. He has Read more […]

July 2022 Rapid Fires

The July 2022 edition of Rapid Fires, our short review column, contains a wide array of bands, from blazing Australian death/thrash, symphonic power metal, progressive metal and everything in between. Read more […]

H.E.A.T. – Force Majeure (earMusic)

While other parts of the world slowly lost interest in catchy, melodic heavy metal that intertwines 80’s influences from the AOR/Sunset Strip world, Scandinavian territories grabbed the mantle to produce Read more […]

Krisiun – Mortem Solis (Century Media)

Thirty-two years together as brothers (actual siblings, not figuratively speaking), Brazilian extreme death metal act Krisiun haven’t let a pandemic slow down the speedy brand of music that has been Read more […]

Castrator – Defiled in Oblivion (Dark Descent)

First popping onto the radar with their No Victim EP back in 2015, it’s been seven years since we’ve heard anything from the international death metal act Castrator.  A few line-up changes along the way Read more […]

Tomb of Finland – Prepare for Entombment

Finnish metal encompasses a wide array of influences – the common thread throughout most of the bands is this purity and sensibility regarding the channeling of emotions through musical passages that Read more […]

Venus – Project Lamda (Self-Released)

Can’t really be surprised these days that the fusion of sci-fi, horror, and progressive thrash are colliding to make for intriguing collaborations. Greek duo Venus takes all these aspects to heart in Read more […]

Witchery – Nightside (Century Media)

Celebrating their 25th anniversary as a group, Witchery never wavered from a sound that has been a culmination of blackened thrash with speedy, punk, and primitive inflections. When other artists may refine, Read more […]

Red Handed Denial – I’d Rather Be Asleep (Self-Released)

Continuing to grow and build upon each release, Red Handed Denial have returned for their follow up to 2019’s excellent Redeemer with a new full-length effort in I’d Rather Be Asleep.  With an established Read more […]

Horizon Ignited – Flames Burning Bright

Many listeners within the melodic death metal community desire new blood to push the scene forward. For those who love a classic mix of the 1990’s early days with the finesse and energy of the present, Read more […]

Idol Throne – The Sibylline Age (Stormspell Records)

Not very often you hear a US metal act from Indiana that intertwines influences from power metal, thrash, neoclassical and traditional spectrums while also incorporating specific aspects of 90’s progressive Read more […]

Shadow Work – Disillusioned (Self-Released)

Anyone remember the band Swarmageddon and their stunning 2020 debut, Inhuman?  If not, the first order of business is to do that, as its one of the strongest hidden gems in melodic death metal that has Read more […]

Future Palace – Run (Arising Empire)

In the last few years, modern metal has reveled in trying new things and combining different sources in order to have a fresh sound that feels metallic, yet isn’t afraid of crossing over and dabbling in Read more […]

Denied – Swirling in Madness

Many artists remember their final gigs before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the entertainment industry. In the case of heavy/thrash metal act Denied, they would play one show in March 2020 three months Read more […]