Sonata Arctica – Into the Cold Beyond

Photo: Jaakko Manninen Bonafide headliners when it comes to power metal, Sonata Arctica feels the time is right to pivot back into more conventional waters through their latest album Clear Cold Beyond. Read more […]

Counting Hours – The Wishing Tomb (Ardua Music)

As these now aching bones have aged through the years (early 40s are a bitch), melancholic music has become more and more comforting. Though having been a major fan of acts like Katatonia and Anathema Read more […]

Saffire – For the Greater Good (Redux) (Rock of Angels Records)

Swedish band Saffire are a melodic metal outfit with classic hard rock leanings – active since 2005 and one of those acts that released their first demo during the Myspace era. They’ve been on four Read more […]

Suldusk – Anthesis (Napalm)

Suldusk brought a certain melancholy and stirring of emotions with their 2019 debut, Lunar Falls. Then the brainchild of solely Emily Highfield, it was a poignant and occasionally explosive release that Read more […]

Myrath – Carrying On

Photo: Leo Margarit Combining elements of progressive metal with their cultural, Middle Eastern influences, Myrath have made an impact with their music since changing names from Xtazy in 2006. Through Read more […]

Toxikull – Under the Southern Light (Dying Victims Productions)

You can feel the rubber meets the road with all speakers cranked full volume to take in the sound of Toxikull. Hailing from Portugal, they have two previous full-lengths under their belt – making Under Read more […]

Theragon – Lumina (Thornado Music)

Previously coming onto this scribe’s listening radar through a late 2020 album release Where the Stories Began, Theragon have only released a single “Blessed By the Storm” in 2022 while laying low Read more […]

Dust Bolt – Sound & Fury (AFM Records)

No better time than a prolonged, enforced break to reassess where you want to go as a band. Take the case on display here for German thrash quartet Dust Bolt. Their last release Trapped in Chaos came out Read more […]

Suicidal Angels – Fighting for Humanity

When it comes to the resurrection of thrash during the early 2000’s, one of the European acts who built a buzz for the new generation is Greek act Suicidal Angels. They’ve arrived with this eighth Read more […]

Morta Skuld – Creation Undone (Peaceville Records)

An active part of the US death metal scene on the recording front for the 1990’s (beyond a staple act on Milwaukee Metalfest), Morta Skuld probably to most readers would be one of those second-tier bands Read more […]

LEAH – The Glory and the Fallen (Ex Cathedra Records)

It’s rare, and I do mean rare, that symphonic metal of any kind moves my needle…until now. LEAH has a new album in The Glory and the Fallen, her sixth of her fruitful career and I dunno. Something about Read more […]

Hypoxia – Defiance (Selfmadegod Records)

Change can be constant in the realm of underground metal. New York City-based death metal act Hypoxia formed in 2008, currently featuring a mix of members old and new for this third record Defiance with Read more […]

Necrofier CD + Shirt Giveaway!

We are stoked to be partnering with Season of Mist on a giveaway with Houston black metal upstarts Necrofier! The band will be taking part in the 2024 “Decibel Magazine Tour” in support of Hulder, Devil Read more […]

Durbin – Piercing Steel

The combination of fantasy, magic, and mysticism have always been hallmarks when it comes to creating a new world for heavy metal. Durbin brings out the traditional follower of the movement – when artists Read more […]

Elettra Storm – Powerlords (Scarlet Records)

A country rich in power metal pedigree, Italy has established itself as a premiere territory for long-running quality between the work of acts like Labyrinth and Rhapsody Of Fire alone. The next generation Read more […]

Eternal Storm – A Giant Bound to Fall (Transcending Obscurity)

Within the world of melodic death metal, there are many differing approaches. One who has paved a distinctive path is Spain’s Eternal Storm, melding the progressive, melodious, mournful, and straight Read more […]

Amaranthe – The Catalyst (Nuclear Blast)

Considering the usual output of Amaranthe, it’s a bit surprising to look back and see that The Catalyst is the first full-length from the band since jumping to Nuclear Blast Records for 2020’s Manifest. Read more […]

Morta Skuld – Fighting Underdogs

While many remember the early death metal pioneers from countries or states like Sweden or Florida, there were other quality acts in the 1990’s sprouting up from the Midwest like Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Read more […]

Art of Anarchy – Let There Be Anarchy (Pavement Entertainment)

Containing a mix of seasoned players, some of whom are fairly well known in the hard rock / metal circles (guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal from Guns N’ Roses / Sons of Apollo, vocalist Jeff Scott Read more […]

Nulled – The Traitor (Art Gates Records)

Always on the lookout for new talent, Nulled is a contemporary quintet from Spain that since 2018 has been building their modern sound steadily. Releasing their previous opus Strokes of Reason in 2022, Read more […]

Darkest Hour – Perpetual | Terminal (MNRK Music Group)

Arguably one of the first metalcore acts to really dive all in on more of a European (read: Gothenburg) sound with their material, Darkest Hour have been at it for decades now. Perpetual | Terminal is Read more […]

Surgical Strike – Nonstop Hate

Photo: Marcel Huebner Just as important in the thrash genre as the Bay Area, Germany has always been a solid market not just for its fervent appreciation of the movement, but it’s own domestic output. Read more […]

Durbin – Screaming Steel (Frontiers Music)

James Durbin may have hit the radar for most thirteen years back through his American Idol season in 2011 where he would finish in fourth place – but to readers of this site, they know the man has a Read more […]

Illumishade – Another Side of You (Napalm)

Illumishade’s debut, 2020’s Eclyptic: Wake of Shadows, was an impressive first offering that brought listeners into a sweeping, musical world that felt magical and whimsical without losing that all important Read more […]

Metal De Facto – Land of the Rising Sun Part 1 (Rockshots Records)

Of all the genres within metal, the best use of conceptual or specialized theme storylines probably occurs for the power metal movement. Finnish band Metal De Facto for example developed 2019’s debut Read more […]

Darkest Hour – A Wealth of Experience

One of the first American acts that started to really showcase some influence from the Gothenburg scene in this scribe’s memory is that of Darkest Hour. Injecting Scandinavian melodies into a more visceral, Read more […]

Night Slasher – Night Slasher (Sliptrick Records)

Originally going by Alcotopia for almost a decade, Lithuania’s Night Slasher brandish a blackened speed metal mix through this self-titled debut record. Adorning leather, chains, corpse paint while holding Read more […]

Revolution Saints – Against the Winds (Frontiers Music)

I’ve been a Revolution Saints fan since their self-titled first album in 2015. Deen Castronovo on drums AND lead vocals?? Oh, where do I sign up? Hell, I’ve reviewed every album with no intention of stopping Read more […]

Infected Rain – Vehicles for Emotion

Continuing to change and evolve with each album, Infected Rain sit as one of the more prominent bands of the current modern metal scene. But it’s not something that happened over night. Working independently Read more […]

Morbid Saint – Swallowed by Hell (High Roller Records)

Wisconsin band Morbid Saint gained notoriety over the years through the underground for their 1990 album Spectrum of Death – taking elements of thrash into a deadlier direction a la other bands of that Read more […]

Hulder – Verses in Oath (20 Buck Spin)

Re-energizing that early 90s sound of the infamous Norwegian black metal scene, Hulder took the landscape by storm via a duo of heralded demos in 2018, quickly followed by an EP Embraced by Darkness Mysts… Read more […]