A Dark Reborn – Circling the Last Echo

Always on the prowl for new artists at this site that explore our favorite genres, A Dark Reborn is melodic death metal band from Spain that also inject a mix of modern, pop, and alternative influences Read more […]

Nimrod – Legacy of the Dead (Metalapolis Records)

Back again as Nimrod after releasing their previous album from 2017 God of War and Chaos under the Nimrod B.C. namesake, Legacy of the Dead contains a mixture of musicians from the past as well as new Read more […]

Embrace Your Punishment – Made of Stone (Lacerated Enemy Records)

The combination of styles across heavy platforms has opened diverse styles that gain traction in the modern scene. Taking on elements of brutal death metal with groovy, hardcore aspects is Embrace Your Read more […]

Coven Japan – Earthlings (No Remorse Records)

Aware of the affinity for NWOBHM beyond its origins into many other pockets of the world, Coven Japan began in 2016 as a great marriage between that sound/influence along with Japanese rock, metal and Read more […]

Isiliel – November 7, 2023 – PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia, PA

Releasing her solo debut album as Isiliel earlier this year, Himari Tsukishiro has all but grown up in the Japanese alt-idol scene as part of Necronomidol and Bakuon Dolls Syndrome. She has been zipping Read more […]

Silverbones – Brethren of the Coast (Stormspell Records)

This Italian power/heavy metal act Silverbones started in 2013 from songwriter/bassist Andrea Franceschi. They’ve released a four-song demo the following year and Wild Waves album in 2016 yet they have Read more […]

Cryptosis – The Silent Call (Century Media)

High off the acclaimed debut album Bionic Swarm from 2021, Dutch progressive thrash metal trio Cryptosis feels the time is ripe for some more material to hit the streets as a warm-up to the second album Read more […]

Destructor – Blood, Bone, and Fire (Shadow Kingdom Records)

Ohio veterans Destructor still seem content to churn out a headbanging cocktail of power, thrashing heavy metal through this fifth full-length studio record Blood, Bone, and Fire. An active part of the Read more […]

Michael Catton – Testament to Talent

Finally venturing into a solo career after establishing himself as a premiere vocalist with the Danish heavy rock act Tainted Lady, singer Michael Catton surrounded himself with a great set of musicians Read more […]

Hitten – While Passion Lasts (High Roller Records)

On our radar screen for one of the current spotlight bands parading their heavy metal/melodic hard rock ways, Hitten has developed an impressive discography since arriving in 2011. Finally securing a permanent Read more […]

TRiDENT – Dream Up (松山制作委員会)

A three member band formed in 2016 (then as Girls Rock Band Kakumei), TRiDENT have been a Japanese act that skirts boundaries between rock and  metal, with some light dabbling into pop as well. Their Read more […]

Fellahin Fall – Urbana (Self-Released)

One of the biggest underrated gems of the gloomy gothic/doom scene, and no strangers to this site, are that of NY’s Fellahin Fall. Establishing themselves with a previous EP and the excellent Tar a-Kan Read more […]

Angra – Evolution in Cycles

Photo: Marco Hermes When it comes to developing a unique brand of melodic power/progressive metal, no one can dispute the impact of Angra on a global scale. Making a strong impact out of the gate through Read more […]

Silent Angel – Unyielding, Unrelenting (Rockshots Records)

International metal bands are commonplace today. The internet takes borders away, seeking out the best musicians from any part of the world. Take Silent Angel – a power / symphonic metal act that contains Read more […]

Hyperia – The Serpent’s Cycle (Self-Released)

In five short years, Canadian band Hyperia has released a solid discography from their initial Fish Creek Frenzy EP in 2019 through subsequent full lengths such as Insanitorium on Sliptrick Records in Read more […]

Full of Hell and Nothing – When No Birds Sang (Closed Casket Activities)

With so many collaborations under their belt, Maryland/Pennsylvania’s Full of Hell might as well be called Full of Help. Not a diss at all, in fact, it’s the opposite: Full of Hell knows who to work with Read more […]

Ignescent – Sparking Inspiration

Merging the idea of spreading a more positive message within heavier music is something we are finally beginning to see more of. Nothing particularly wrong with some doom & gloom, but injecting some Read more […]

An Introductory Guide to the Burgeoning Kawaii Metal and Alt Idol Scene

You may have seen more features here regularly from acts originating from Japan, such as Hanabie., PassCode (featured above), Broken by the Scream, and of course, Babymetal (whom I assume you already know Read more […]

Sadus – The Shadow Inside (Nuclear Blast)

One of those Bay Area bands who straddled the thrash with speed and death angle styles starting in the early 80’s, Sadus made a solid impression on the scene through albums such as Illusions, Swallowed Read more […]

Corroded – Plague (Despotz Records)

Best known for their song “Time and Again” that became the theme song for the Swedish Survivor television series back in 2009, Corroded have had the opportunity in their career to hit their domestic Read more […]

Icarus Witch – Enjoying the Ride

Photo: Aubrianna Myers Thoroughly enjoying a twenty-year career, Icarus Witch continual stretch their creative muse this deep into their career with their first concept album in No Devil Lived On. The Read more […]

Sons of Sounds – Seven (El Puerto Records)

Rare is the day where you have a trio of brothers who make music together since childhood to form a progressive metal/rock outfit with Sons of Sounds, adding a fourth ‘brother’ (loose term intended) Read more […]

Malice Divine- Everlasting Ascendancy (Self-Released)

Toronto’s Ric Galvez is carving out his own one-man niche in the melodic side of death and black metal and has been doing so since 2019. His second album, Everlasting Ascendancy, dropped early this year, Read more […]

Tarja – Dark Christmas (earMUSIC)

Back in 2017, Tarja brought us an aptly titled from Spirits and Ghosts: Score for a Dark Christmas. It was a gothic re-imagining of some Christmas classics as well as some original cuts that fell within Read more […]

Elm Street – Metal Is Always the Way

Photo: Peter Coulson First becoming aware of this Australian band through an opening slot appearance on a Skull Fist North American tour back in 2015, Elm Street are back again for their third full-length Read more […]

High Spirits – Safe On the Other Side (High Roller Records)

When it comes to high energy heavy rock or good time old-fashioned heavy metal, one source listeners can rely upon for quality is the discography of High Spirits. Since arriving on the scene in 2009, Chris Read more […]

Nemophila – The Initial Impulse (Masterworks Publishers Inc)

Gaining traction over the course of two full-length albums (with a third, Evolve, just announced for early 2024), Nemophila have been one of the more prominent names within the Japanese metal/rock scene. Read more […]

Gungire – Surge (Self-Released)

Talk about a quick return, Gungire just gave a release to their first EP, Scattered, last month and there they are back again with a second EP in hand with Surge! If you look at the release dates of singles Read more […]

Temple Balls – Prepare For An Avalanche

The Scandinavian heavy music scene has a plethora of great artists in a variety of styles – including a love for hook-laden melodic hard rock/metal. One of the many bands showcasing their talent in this Read more […]

Neo Japonism – October 21 and 22, 2023 – PuchiCon, Camelback, PA

Neo Japonism is an alt idol group from Japan that started in 2018, though its current line-up didn’t come to be until 2019. The theme of this particular group is that of ‘fighting,’ though not in Read more […]

Elm Street – The Great Tribulation (Massacre Records)

From Melbourne, Australia, Elm Street has been carefully crafting this third album The Great Tribulation. Always known for not putting out records before their time, the quartet came on this scribe’s Read more […]