Leaves’ Eyes – Of Myths and Legends

Returning triumphant after 2020’s The Last Viking, symphonic metal act Leaves’ Eyes this time takes a turn towards the mystical and magical with their new album, Myths of Fate. Not a concept album this Read more […]

Attacker – The God Particle (Cruz del Sur Music)

While many bands who started in the 80s that reformed decades later still chase former glory, other artists such as Attacker prove that they still can write, record, and issue relevant material to the Read more […]

ALMONDot – 鋼鉄 – Koutetsu (Sony)

Adding into the list of Japanese acts that continue to defiantly blur the genre lines and the expectations associated with them is the industrial metal act ALMONDot. Comprised of literal teenagers, the Read more […]

Imminence – The Black (Believe)

One of those bands that completely throws genre boxes out of the way, Imminence have been hard at work to carve out their own niche within heavy music for over a decade now. Merging together a sound that Read more […]

Disbelief – War of the Mind

Photo: Axel Jusseit A staple of the German metal scene, Disbelief have been plugging away since 1990 combining aspects of groove, sludge, thrash and death into their sound. Killing Karma is the group’s Read more […]

Spider Kickers – Necrosupper (Sleaszy Rider Records)

Another legendary band from the underground thrash/death movement, Greek quartet Spider Kickers have been ‘kicking’ (pun intended) around since 1986 – releasing a series of demos before The Northwest Read more […]

Extinct – Incitement of Violence (MDD Records)

Twenty-one years into the scene, German thrashers Extinct stick to a ‘less is more’ output when it comes to their discography. Incitement of Violence is the group’s second album, with previous recordings Read more […]

Benighted – Ekbom (Season of Mist)

A staple in the brutal death metal and grind arenas for their ability to bring utter chaos and intensity to all that they do, Benighted, much like a number of bands that released music at the onset of Read more […]

Týr – Prepare for the Next Battle

Photo: Gaui H. When it comes to a traditional brand of progressive folk metal, there’s nothing quite like the aural, out of body experience pouring through the discography of Týr. Active since 1998, Read more […]

Avralize – Freaks (Arising Empire)

It’s tough to make a mark on the modern music scene, tougher still to do so with a unique sound. Germany’s Avralize have seemingly come out of nowhere to accomplish both of these things with their debut, Read more […]

Boundaries – Death is Little More (3DOT Recordings)

Connecticut-based metalcore act Boundaries have had two previous full-length efforts under their belts, but it seems the best was yet to come in their case. Their third album, Death is Little More, the Read more […]

SETYØURSAILS – Bad Blood (Napalm)

2022 gave us the impressive sophomore effort from SETYØURSAILS titled Nightfall, which seemed to pull them directly into the radar of many as it was their first release through Napalm Records. Unabashedly Read more […]

Vicinity – Passengers in Life

Photo: Daniel Almli & Steffen Normark Progressive metal has always been a constant staple in this scribe’s life – branching off from artists like Fates Warning, Queensrÿche and Dream Theater into Read more […]

Protosequence – Bestiary (Lacerated Enemy Records)

Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada, Protosequence is a quartet originally hitting the scene in 2014, releasing a series of singles and EPs over that time to finally reach a debut full-length for Read more […]

Witch Vomit – Funeral Sanctum (20 Buck Spin)

Old school death metal has returned to the forefront of appeal – not just due to the consistent offerings from the originators of the movement, but a current crop of acts putting forth memorable records Read more […]

Vorga – Beyond the Palest Star (Transcending Obscurity)

Vorga certainly made a plunge into the cosmos with their exhilarating debut Striving Toward Oblivion, giving a blisteringly fierce purview of space-inspired black metal. Difficulty in establishing oneself Read more […]

Hammer King – Carry the Torch

Photo: Anne Swallow Hoisting the flag for heavy metal high, Hammer King continues to execute well-played anthems ready to appease followers that savor the classic elements of the style. König und Kaiser Read more […]

Lost In Grey – Odyssey Into the Grey (El Puerto Records)

When you create a bombastic, theatrical brand of symphonic metal, prepare to launch a massive undertaking that leaves no stone unturned in any department. With inspiration coming from literature, philosophy, Read more […]

Hamferð – Men Gu​ð​s hond er sterk (Metal Blade Records)

My journey with Hamferð began with the Summer Breeze festival in 2014. Adorned in matching black suits and ties, they tore through a four song set that included tracks from Vilst er síðsta fet and Evst Read more […]

Dialith – Alter (Self-Released)

Actively watching the ascent of this CT symphonic power metal band since the start (this scribe witnessing the band’s first live performance even), it’s always a treat to hear what Dialith put forth Read more […]

Kill the Lights – Melodies of Death

Many bands saddled with the ‘supergroup’ status tend to release an album, see where it takes them, and then tend to vanish. Rare is an act that not only rises further into their own, but continues to raise Read more […]

Rage – Afterlifelines (Steamhammer / SPV)

In an era where frequent single / EP releases seem to be more of the norm in the music industry, metal artists often still strive to keep the old album format alive. Even more rare though is the double Read more […]

Greyhawk – Thunderheart (Fighter Records)

When artists couldn’t play out as live entertainment ground to a halt for two years plus for most of the world (US tours opened up borders a little quicker for the summer/fall of 2021), choices were Read more […]

Catbreath – Slice ‘Em All (Iron Shield Records)

Northern Germany is home base for crossover thrash act Catbreath – an odd name indeed but do not let that fool you. These gentlemen rip out energetic tunes that feature the mandatory stomping to speedy Read more […]

Resin Tomb – Inevitable Putrescence

Metal from down under has been on a roll for quite some time, with newcomers entering the fray on a regular basis. One such who has assembled a sound that’s virulent and shatteringly abrasive is Resin Read more […]

Venues – Transience (Arising Empire)

Venues’ second album, 2021’s Solace, saw the band implement a heavier sonic template that put them more in line with the modern metal groupings of acts like Deadlock or The Unguided. The type of sound Read more […]

Fatal Fire – Arson (MDD Records)

When you have the chance to slowly unveil your art due to a global crisis, the results can pay huge dividends in making an indelible first impression. Case in point, German power metal outfit Fatal Fire Read more […]

The Quill – Wheel of Illusion (Metalville)

With a history that starts in the early 90’s, Swedish act The Quill delivers a potent blend of heavy/stoner metal hard to miss over their discography. Up to the eleventh studio record, Wheel of Illusion Read more […]

Alterium – The Power of Fantasy

Rising from the ashes of power metal upstarts Kalidia, Alterium are a new act featuring several of that band’s faces, most notably that of vocalist Nicoletta Rosellini. Taking the spirit of that band’s Read more […]

Meister Leonhardt – Thanatopoeia (Purity Through Fire)

It’s no secret how much I love black metal. So as a result, I get a ton of this music in my mailbox. There simply isn’t enough time to listen, let alone digest it all. But when I listened to Meister Leonhardt’s Read more […]

Dead Head – Shadow Soul (Hammerheart Records)

35 years together as a group – it’s quite an achievement given all the twists, turns, and turbulence that can happen on a multitude of fronts. Such is the case now for Dutch band Dead Head – a celebratory Read more […]