Imminent Sonic Destruction – Watching the Sun Set

Rare is the day that a five-piece progressive metal lineup start together in 2007 and maintain that same membership fifteen years later – but that’s the case for Michigan progressive metal act Imminent Read more […]

Selfgod – Born of Death (Black Death Production)

Every band has a story. All of them are unique, of course. Selfgod guitarist/band leader Serge Streltsov has one that is profound. Born in Ukraine, and immigrating to the United States as a teenager, Serge Read more […]

Anvil – Impact Is Imminent (AFM Records)

Ardent metalheads probably remember the album title here as the fourth full-length for perennial thrash legends Exodus when they moved up the ranks to Capitol Records back in the early 90’s – but here Read more […]

Iris Divine – Mercurial (Layered Reality Productions)

The development of alternative, groove, and progressive metal stylistically has been a staple of Iris Divine since their start. Mercurial as the proper third full-length comes at a critical juncture for Read more […]

Misery Index – Complete Control (Century Media)

Hard hitting Baltimore act Misery Index are well established for their death metal and grindcore style. Two decades deep into existence, their seventh full-length album Complete Control sees the quartet Read more […]

Spheric Universe Experience – Return to Home

Hailing from France, Spheric Universe Experience are a progressive metal act that have been together since 2002 releasing material that fits a lot of what may be traditional relating to the expectations Read more […]

Helsott – Will and the Witch (M-Theory Audio)

Aiming to encompass many sides of their multifaceted sound, Helsott strides ambitiously into their third full-length Will and the Witch as a conceptual record. It’s not often you think about Billy the Read more […]

Septicflesh – Modern Primitive (Nuclear Blast)

The evolution of Greek act Septicflesh since their start in the 1990’s has been fascinating to watch. Purveyors of an atmospheric brand of symphonic death metal, natural comfort and ability to express Read more […]

Anvil – Remaining True

When it comes to old school pure heavy metal and rock and roll, there’s no one quite like Anvil. Already infamous for spearheading a lot of the early thrash/speed metal movement for their first three Read more […]

Sinsid – In Victory (Pitch Black Records)

They say usually the third album in a band’s career is a safe point to know if they are going to make a lifelong impact through an original approach or remain relegated to bargain bin, local-only appeal. Read more […]

Morbid Cross – Ungodly Infestation (Self-Released)

DIY metal of the underground variety often stands on par with what bigger budget releases on prominent labels issue these days. New Jersey thrashers Morbid Cross return for their latest full-length Ungodly Read more […]

BlackBeer – Take the Freedom (Pure Steel Records)

An international mix of musicians congregating together in France, BlackBeer pay tribute to an era of melodic hard rock/metal that most who grew up in the 80’s remember vividly. Coming together last Read more […]

Visions of Atlantis – Pirates (Napalm Records)

While many musicians stateside have been gravitating towards symphonic/ power metal over the past few years, European acts spearheaded the movement in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. Austria’s Visions Read more […]

Motor Sister – Time to Get Off

Ardent heavy music followers are very familiar with the players involved in this act Motor Sister. Rhythm guitarist Scott Ian, bassist Joey Vera, and drummer John Tempesta carved out their niche in acts Read more […]

Graham Bonnet Band – Day Out in Nowhere (Frontiers Music)

The desire to develop new material continues to fuel vocalist Graham Bonnet even in the twilight years of his long musical career. Hard to believe the man is 74 years young, possessing the multi-octave Read more […]

Tank – Filth Hounds of Hades (High Roller Records) reissue

Another act in the flurry of UK activity that made the New Wave of British Heavy Metal a standout component to the history of this genre, Tank embrace a power trio format during their early 80’s development. Read more […]

Morbid Cross – Possessed by Metal

Continuing to develop a brutal form of thrash that contains a veritable influence pool that draws from doom, hardcore, death, and non-metal aspects, New Jersey’s Morbid Cross prove that there’s plenty Read more […]

Echo Rhythm – The Program (Self-Released)

The brainchild of ex-Eternal Essence members Greg Rosenblit and Josh Adams, Echo Rhythm is an instrumental progressive outfit containing a mixture of metal, rock, and ambient influences for this debut Read more […]

Disquiet – Instigate to Annihilate (Soulseller Records)

With a resume that includes representing the Netherlands in the Wacken Metal Battle back in 2012, Dutch act Disquiet deliver a melodic brand of thrash pulling from Bay Area and European influences for Read more […]

Evergrey – Aching for Success

Continually churning out high quality albums, Evergrey set the bar high when it comes to their songwriting, vision, and execution of ideas. A power/progressive metal style that has dynamic elements, lighter Read more […]

Depressed Mode – Decade of Silence (Inverse Records)

A reference to the ten years of absence as a group, Finnish act Depressed Mode delivers a mighty symphonic death/doom metal platter for this third record Decade of Silence. Established in 2005 by composer, Read more […]

The Damnnation – Way of Perdition (Soulseller Records)

Although OSDM from newer artists is all the rage in 2022, there’s been a healthy contingent carving out old school thrash presently as well. Add Brazilian trio The Damnnation to that list – in three Read more […]

RF Force – Living for Metal

Brazil has always been a hotbed for classic traditional heavy metal – especially given Iron Maiden’s prowess headlining the massive Rock in Rio festival decades ago. Inspiration often breathes vitality Read more […]

Mental Care Foundation – III (Reaper Entertainment)

Developing around the bars and pubs of Kokkola, Finland, Mental Care Foundation got their start in 2003, slugging out Pantera and Slayer covers – issuing two albums and a single in 2012 before going Read more […]

Motor Sister – Get Off (Metal Blade Records)

Expanding beyond the Mother Superior covers vibe of the debut album Ride back in 2015, Motor Sister now tackle fresh, original material for the sophomore effort Get Off. Containing dual vocalists with Read more […]

Song Premiere: Miscreation’s ‘VI’

We are quite stoked to premier “VI,” a track from Canadian tech-death merchants Miscreation’s Miscreation MMXXI EP. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson of Cryptopsy, Miscreation’s intelligent Read more […]

Space Vacation – White Hot Reflection (Pure Steel Records)

Musicians currently wrestle with whether to release albums during the throes of a global pandemic or wait until the major wave subsides. Makes sense as disposable income can be tight for many – and usually Read more […]

Hagalas – As A Unit (Inverse Records)

The art of creating songs has shifted over the years. So it’s nice to hear when bands in modern times still get together in person, step up in a musical man-cave, start playing to see what comes out Read more […]

Iris Divine – Tension and Release

Intertwining progressive metal with alternative, grunge, and groove elements, Iris Divine returns after five years with their latest record Mercurial. Featuring a new drummer in Scott Manley, the performances Read more […]

March 2022 Rapid Fire

It’s another round of our Rapid Fire column, this time looking at a few releases from the month of March. Here are our quick hitting takes on a few releases from the diverse international metal scene, Read more […]

RF Force – RF Force (Black Lion Records)

Privy to discovering new talent is a great perk on the media front. Especially for us old-timers who not only look forward to veteran artists putting out new material, but also being on the ground floor Read more […]