Black Sites – The Echoes that Lie

Corralling influences from a deep well of heavy, classic, and progressive influences in the rock and metal spectrums, Black Sites have been establishing their style quite quickly since starting in 2015. Read more […]

Archspire – Bleed the Future (Season of Mist)

Tech death over the years has become something of a farce in some ways.  So many bands spend all of their time and effort to try to one-up each other with technical ability and inhuman speed, that we Read more […]

Destinity – In Continuum (Crimson Productions)

Hailing from France, Destinity have a rich history releasing eight albums to date, evolving from black metal to symphonic black/death during their initial run from 1996-2014. Moving up to Lifeforce Records Read more […]

Skeletoon – The 1.21 Gigawatts Club (Scarlet Records)

We all appreciate the transformative possibilities within heavy metal. One genre full of the fantasy, folklore, and magical/mystical storytelling and equally energetic propensities for musical support Read more […]

Whitechapel – Kin (Metal Blade)

One of the definitive bands of the deathcore genre, Whitechapel turned some heads with The Valley.  It brought a more sensitive, if that’s the right word, side to the band.  Due to that, there was Read more […]

Catalyst Crime – Catalyst for Change

A few years back, the band Catalyst Crime was announced and featured some key names from scene.  Established vocalist Zoë Marie Federoff (Insatia), drummer Gerit Lamm (Xandria), and Jonah Weingarten Read more […]

Blood Red Throne – Skepticism in Death

Reliable in a groovy brand of old school death metal that combines US aggression with European musicianship and finesse sensibilities, Blood Red Throne have reached their tenth studio album for Imperial Read more […]

Teramaze – And the Beauty They Perceive (Wells Music)

When lockdown measures stop any live shows from taking place during a pandemic, what’s a musician to do? Well, in the case of guitarist/vocalist Dean Wells, you bury yourself in your ideas, and churn Read more […]

Be’lakor – Coherence (Napalm)

Usually, when one speaks to the more ‘buzzworthy’ bands in the melodic death metal genre, there will be some knowledgable ones that tip their hats in the direction of Be’lakor.  While they aren’t Read more […]

Waking the Cadaver – Authority through Intimidation (Unique Leader)

Waking the Cadaver didn’t get off to the best start in the metal community with their deathcore influences and breakdowns, but by the time that their third album, 2013’s Real-Life Death, was released Read more […]

Fathom Farewell – Kraken (Blood Blast Distribution)

Arching up the ranks through a consistent release schedule and performing across the local New England scene in club shows plus festivals like Warped tour and the New England Metal/Hardcore Fest, Boston-based Read more […]

Illyrian – Crushing Dark Souls

Evolving out of the ashes of Hellborn Death Engines in 2015 into Illyrian, this Canadian act from Calgary infuses a thrash platform with some intricate progressive, groove, and death inflections. Previously Read more […]

Ad Infinitum – Chapter II: Legacy (Napalm)

Given what COVID has done to touring, it’s no surprise that some newer acts are wasting no time in delivering a new album – even when they haven’t been able to properly tour for their debut efforts.  Read more […]

Gus G. – Quantum Leap (AFM Records)

Proficient while executing tremendous vision and focus a multitude of ways, Gus G. has excelled at the art of the guitar – becoming a permanent fixture in the power metal scene as well as elevating his Read more […]

Illyrian – Aegis (Self-Released)

Expanding to a quartet over the course of their last album The Entity, Unknown and this follow up EP Aegis, Illyrian remains resolute in pushing a combustible musical cocktail of modern thrash and death Read more […]

Plush – Plush (Pavement)

Truth be told, much of the modern rock of today seems to tap from the same common vein.  It feels generic and overdone, working off of a safe and comfortable palate that’s there to ensure ‘big successes.’  Read more […]

Paradox – Power Through Heresy

Normally we don’t experience sequels three decades plus away from the original product – in any art form. Such is the case here though for German speed/melodic thrash band Paradox. Their second album Read more […]

Blood Red Throne – Imperial Congregation (Nuclear Blast)

Not very often in the metal community do you find a veteran death metal outfit like Blood Red Throne moving up the ranks to Nuclear Blast with their tenth studio record. Yet here we are at that precipice Read more […]

Livlos – And Then There Were None (Napalm)

One style of music that all of us at Dead Rhetoric can usually agree upon is that of melodic death metal.  Particularly when it reaches further into the deathly, old school side (as opposed to the more Read more […]

Black Rose – Game of Souls (Sleaszy Rider Records)

A part of the Swedish hard rock/metal movement since 1990, Black Rose arrives at their seventh album for Game of Souls. Delivering a sound that contains a host of European/American influences that cross Read more […]

Massacre – Resurgence (Nuclear Blast)

Massacre, most well known for their 1991 full-length debut in From Beyond, have gone through a bounty of musicians over the years despite having only 3 full-lengths prior to Resurgence.  But this album Read more […]

SkyEye – Soldiers in Command

Quickly striking while the iron is hot from their debut full-length Digital God, SkyEye signs with Reaper Entertainment for their new record Soldiers of Light. Upping their collective game in all departments Read more […]

September 2021 Album of the Month – Unto Others’ Strength

There were a lot of massive (and excellent) releases last month, no matter your taste in metal.  In our very close race though, the much favored Unto Others managed to capture the top spot, much like Read more […]

Kryptos – Force of Danger (AFM Records)

Racing rhythms, simplified choruses, supreme tempo control – an all for one mentality towards the cause of heavy metal. Arising out of the India scene, Kryptos now can be seen as a reliable act on the Read more […]

Catalyst Crime – Catalyst Crime (Massacre Records)

An international assembly of some significant forces within the metal world, Catalyst Crime has been brewing and bubbling up behind the works for the past few years at this point.  With drummer Gerit Read more […]

Eternal Flight – SurVive (Metalapolis Records)

Aware of vocalist Gérard Fois through his previous work in the French power/progressive metal act Dream Child, who released two albums in the late 1990’s, Eternal Flight has been his main band since Read more […]

Malison – Reborn for Metal

Delivering a style of heavy metal that incorporates facets of thrash, power, neoclassical, and modern touches, Malison from San Diego, California creates a style that is quite energetic, melodic, and fascinating. Read more […]

Song Stream: Cutterred Flesh’s “Knife is Not the Enemy”

We are always up for some brutal death metal here at DR, therefore when the offer came up to host a new track from Czech act Cutterred Flesh, we were all ears.  “Knife is Not the Enemy” comes from the Read more […]

Persona – Animal (Self-Released)

Some bands start to run into a trend of simply following what came before them by the time of their third full-length – they have established a sound and are sticking to it.  Not the case for Persona, Read more […]

Black Sites – Untrue (Self-Released)

Containing members from the Midwest with experience in the studio and on stage for acts like Novembers Doom, Abigail Williams, High Spirits, and Glacier among others, Black Sites are a trio active since Read more […]

Paradox – Heresy II: End of A Legend (AFM Records)

Rumors abound years back when preparing for the follow up to 2012’s Tales of the Weird album that German act Paradox would release a sequel to their second record Heresy, one of their iconic records Read more […]