Wreck-Defy – Cannons of Catharsis

Wasting no time getting down to business, the fourth Wreck-Defy album The World Enslaved is another solid hour-long record full of tasty thrash, filled with melodies, hooks, and slightly progressive/technical Read more […]

Venom Prison – Erebos (Century Media)

One probably needs to live under a rock in the last few years to have not heard Venom Prison’s name spread through the underground.  For good reason too, as the UK extreme metal band’s sound is one that Read more […]

Spitfire – Denial to Fall (No Remorse Records)

With roots in the 1980’s scene, Greek act Spitfire made an impact in 1987 through their debut album First Attack. Moving through setbacks (including a car accident derailing their original singer), the Read more […]

Ilium – Quantum Evolution Event (Self-Released)

Veterans within the Australian metal scene since the early 2000’s, Ilium have steadily made an imprint on the power, traditional, progressive, and thrash metal scope through their vast discography. Including Read more […]

The Final Sleep – Vessels of Grief (Self-Released)

Five years ago, The Final Sleep released their first full-length in I.  Having witnessed them previously live, it was excellent to see that their unique hybridization of metal genres came off just as Read more […]

Kissin’ Dynamite – Not the End of the Road (Napalm Records)

The evolution of childhood friends as a school band to headliners in fifteen years playing an 80’s-oriented form of melodic heavy metal that isn’t necessarily in vogue speaks to the character, persistence, Read more […]

Venom Prison – Music That Resonates

One of the more notable bands to come up in the more recent years with some absolutely devastating records is that of Venom Prison.  They have merged a hardcore/punk ethos successfully with the bludgeoning Read more […]

Tony Martin – Thorns (Battlegod Productions)

Best known for his work during the mid-1980’s through 1995 as the singer for Black Sabbath, Tony Martin’s abilities have gained acclaim these days from many musicians and fans alike, even if the Ozzy Read more […]

Abhoria – Abhoria (Prosthetic)

A fresh black metal act to start off your 2022 year, Abhoria bring their full-length debut to you via Prosthetic Records.  As someone who is a bit picky when it comes to black metal, it does take a bit Read more […]

Bullet Ride – At the Gates of Hell (Music-Records)

Building up from a covers act in the heavy/thrash mold into an original entity, Bullet Ride hail from France, forming in 2014 and taking six years to build a steady lineup and develop material to the point Read more […]

SETYØURSAILS – A Personal Nightfall

A fairly new act from Germany, SETYØURSAILS manages to make some waves because of their combination of vicious metal energy with more melodic injections that can lean into some pop flavors.  It’s a delicate Read more […]

January 2022 Rapid Fires

Officially into 2022, after yet another long year.  Shows are back, sort of at least, and music keeps churning out all over the place.  Eager to see if the quality matches the quantity, but as it usually Read more […]

Psychoprism – R.I.S.E. (Pure Steel Records)

Establishing themselves in a US progressive/power metal field with solid musicianship principles, Psychoprism from NY/NJ returns for their sophomore full-length R.I.S.E. five years after their Pure Steel Read more […]

Warzaw – Black Magic Satellite (Self-Released)

Honoring the promise mentioned in their last interview on Dead Rhetoric that a new album was in the offing sooner rather than later, Norwegian metal act Warzaw capitalize on their debut Werewolves on Wheels Read more […]

Memory Garden – Distrust of the Messenger

Epic doom as a genre already has a cult-like status and following across the globe. Add in some melodic and old school power touches, and you have the makings of Memory Garden. Together now for almost Read more […]

Power Paladin – With the Magic of Windfyre Steel (Atomic Fire Records)

Releasing a debut full-length on an upstart label can be a risky proposition for both band and record company – but considering the quality of Iceland act Power Paladin and the people behind Atomic Fire Read more […]

Battle Beast – Circus of Doom (Nuclear Blast)

Now six albums deep into their discography, Finland’s Battle Beast have made a name for themselves in the combination of pure heavy metal intertwined with that of some pop and rock influences.  Their Read more […]

Kandia – Quaternary (Frontiers)

Portugal’s Kandia have been pushing alternative metal output since 2007, with two previous full-lengths to their name.  Recently signing with Frontiers for their third effort, Quaternary, it seems the Read more […]

Age of Athena – Welcome to Oblivion

New acts pop out of the woodwork each and every day, but it’s rare to find an act that immediately finds it’s own sound and embraces that direction.  Age of Athena are a new act that manages to combine Read more […]

SETYØURSAILS – Nightfall (Napalm)

In more recent years, the merging of elements of multiple genres has led to some exciting prospects.  Particularly when bands take a metallic base and include more nonmetallic elements.  SETYØURSAILS Read more […]

Bleeding Zero – Pain and Fiction (Revalve Records)

Bleeding Zero is an Italian trio of musicians who aim for a multi-genre approach to their sound for this debut full-length Pain and Fiction. Encompassing everything from gothic and symphonic metal to classical Read more […]

Power Paladin – Riding the Quest for Steel

Aiming to strike at the hearts of all who love fantasy, magic, and power metal, Power Paladin seemingly have come out of nowhere and made a decent impact to start the year in their debut album With the Read more […]

Cruz Del Sur Music CD Giveaway!

We are stoked to be giving away CDs from Cruz Del Sur Music and their Gates of Hell Records sub-label. One (1) lucky winner will be able to get their hands on the latest from New York City retro-metal Read more […]

Needless – The Cosmic Cauldron (Uprising! Records)

Parallels exist between the vast universe available to express a variety of thoughts and emotions in the realms of heavy metal and science fiction. Choosing to blend the two together in a conceptual album, Read more […]

Enterprise Earth – The Chosen (MNRK Heavy)

One interesting bit in the last few years is seeing how some deathcore acts have evolved from simply firing away breakdowns and occasionally obnoxious vocals, into something more mature and more balanced.  Read more […]

Psychoprism – Letting Opportunity Knock

Five years after their debut album Creation, Psychoprism returns with another stellar neoclassical-fueled power/progressive metal offering for R.I.S.E. (short for Resistance in Systematic Evolution). Expect Read more […]

Crystal Throne – Crystal Throne (Self-Released)

A progressive heavy metal act from France, Crystal Throne started in 2019 as a union between vocalist Terry DeFire and guitarist Max Waynn. Fleshing out the lineup as a quartet, this self-titled debut Read more […]

Arctic Plateau – Songs of Shame (Shunu Records)

Circa 2012, Italian post-rock and shoegaze outfit Arctic Plateau scored an unheralded gem in the form of their second studio album, The Enemy Inside. Main dude and sole songwriter Gianluca Divirgilio assembled Read more […]

Shot Down Twice – Energy Injection

Fusing together a killer blend of classic hard rock with bluesy, metal, and groove-oriented aspects is Canadian act Shot Down Twice. Releasing their second, self-titled EP, one can expect a musical stew Read more […]

Fit for an Autopsy – Oh What the Future Holds (Nuclear Blast)

After delivering one of the best albums of the past decade two years ago with The Sea of Tragic Beasts, of course the expectations are high for Fit for an Autopsy’s follow-up.  Oh What the Future Holds Read more […]

Soul Remnants – Raising the Sacrificial Dagger (BottledHead Records)

Four seems to be a primary driver in the eyes of Boston’s Soul Remnants. Releasing albums on a four-year clip, their fourth full-length Raising the Sacrificial Dagger sees the quintet reverting to their Read more […]