DVNE – The Jumpstart to Creativity

Photo: Alan Swan An amalgamation of post-metal into progressive angles of sludge and doom, DVNE produces music that captures multiple spheres of emotion song by song. Their latest album Voidkind may Read more […]

Kerry King – From Hell I Rise (Reigning Phoenix Music)

Debate already came through all sides of the internet when hearing that Slayer disbanded and guitarist Kerry King would assemble a new band to continue forward under his own moniker. Ok. So let’s just Read more […]

Grin Cynic – Grin Cynic (Pavement Entertainment)

Stories often help sell brands – and bands. In the case of Grin Cynic, they started in the late 1990s through singer/songwriter/guitarist Mike Lee, making noise in their home area of Orlando, Florida Read more […]

Elvellon – Ascending in Synergy (Napalm Records)

Symphonic metal doesn’t appear to be wavering in popularity or global impact these days. Hailing from Germany, Elvellon steadily have been rising through the ranks from their debut Spellbound EP release Read more […]

Gatecreeper – Dark Superstition (Nuclear Blast)

It’s a story as old as time. How many artists have you seen in the metal landscape that make impressive debut records, transitions in the second full-length, only to release a premiere product for the Read more […]

Cognitive – Abhorrence (Metal Blade)

With well over a decade of brutality under their belts, and three years distance from their fourth album, Matricide, New Jersey’s Cognitive return for a new outing with a new label in tow. Known to these Read more […]

Demon – Invincible (Frontiers Music)

Another UK band celebrating their 45th anniversary, Demon has evolved from their traditional heavy metal/hard rock roots that put them on the map in the early years to more of a diverse act that includes Read more […]

Pain – Still Pushing Boundaries

It may have been 8 years since Pain’s last album, Coming Home, was released, but mastermind Peter Tägtgren, is never one to rest on his laurels. Between Hypocrisy and the Lindemann project (from which Read more […]

Soulline – Reflections (Massacre Records)

Previously privy to the last album Screaming Eyes back in 2022, Soulline returns with another record in Reflections. This Swiss unit chose to tackle various troubled and problematic issues concerning the Read more […]

Baron – Beneath the Blazing Abyss (Transcending Obscurity)

How a band evolves is always of interest to this scribe. To understand the volcanic death metal of seemingly newcomers Baron, one needs to go back in time a bit. Granted, their first self-titled EP from Read more […]

Sonic Universe – It Is What It Is (earMusic)

A ‘supergroup’ tag can get banded about rather liberally in the music business. We all know that if like-minded musicians have the ambition, desire, and resources available, they’ll make music together. Read more […]

Warlord – Appreciation, Communication, Determination

The fifth studio record for Warlord is Free Spirit Soar – paying homage to guitarist William Tsamis, who left this earth in 2021. Recruiting a stellar group of musicians including vocalist Giles Lavery, Read more […]

Orion Child – Aesthesis (Art Gates Records)

Versatility allows bands to stand out amongst their peers, especially in the modern scene. Orion Child embraces that statement for their fourth album Aesthesis. The sextet arrived on the scene in the mid-2000s, Read more […]

Bat – Under the Crooked Claw (Nuclear Blast)

Two-thirds of Municipal Waste participates in another active outfit for Bat – already on the radar screen of this scribe for their last EP Axestasy. With plenty of downtime to work out new songs, the Read more […]

Crownshift – Enter the Halo

Featuring musicians with a wealth of experience across the metal landscape, Crownshift may appear to be a new entity in the melodic death meets power/groove metal arena, but they have a boatload of potential Read more […]

Anette Olzon – Rapture (Frontiers Music)

Best known to our readership for her time in Nightwish, Anette Olzon continues to develop her talent through other outlets since her departure from that group. One-half of the dynamic duo The Dark Element Read more […]

Belushi Speed Ball – Stellkira (Self-Released)

This Kentucky crossover thrash act possesses an intriguing name – Belushi Speed Ball referencing infamous comedian John Belushi and his tragic overdose cocaine/heroin combination often referred to as Read more […]

Six Feet Under – Killing For Revenge (Metal Blade Records)

OK. So there has been a lot, and I do mean A LOT of talk regarding Chris Barnes’ vocals. Hey, I get it. Quite frankly he sounded terrible on the last two studio albums for Six Feet Under with Torment in Read more […]

Esodic – Overcoming Ignorance

Jordan probably is not the most well-known country when it comes to thrash/death metal – as the Middle East continues to deal with religious/government upheaval that has led to constant violence over Read more […]

Freedom Call – Silver Romance (Steamhammer/SPV)

They may not have invented ‘happy metal’, but most power metal experts know that when it comes to this specific niche in this sub-genre, the poster act that aligns to the uplifting melodies or ability Read more […]

Ammonoid – Pierce the Veil (Self-Released)

Originating as a recording project back in 2022, Ammonoid contains members from an international landscape. Guitarist Vinaya Saksena from the East Coast has previous experience in groups like Critical Read more […]

Freedom Call – Embrace the Silver Romance

Photo: Patrick Eiserbeck Entering the silver anniversary as a group, Freedom Call strives to maintain a level of power metal consistency that will continue with their latest record Silver Romance. The Read more […]

My Silent Wake – Lost in Memories, Lost in Grief (Ardua Music)

Twelve albums into their career, UK quartet My Silent Wake capably infuse doom metal with gothic and death inflections for Lost in Memories, Lost in Grief. Living in melancholic splendor, the eight tracks Read more […]

Bat – Streetbangers At Large

Photo: Howlermano Photography The purity of traditional metal never loses momentum especially in the hands of acts like Bat. The US three-piece embraces a classic sound full of velocity, energy, and Read more […]

Mob Rules – Celebration Day – 30 Years of Mob Rules (Steamhammer/SPV)

Compilation albums used to serve two purposes in an artist’s career. First, to provide a welcome break in the normal record/tour/record cycle, and second, to get one record closer to finishing out a Read more […]

Violet Eternal – Reload the Violet (Rockshots Records)

Continental divides no longer pose an issue when the desire to create music trumps everything. Violet Eternal consists of Japanese guitarist Jien Takahashi and Italian vocalist Ivan Giannini – the former Read more […]

Togenashi Togeari – Togeari (Universal Music)

Admittedly, not the most metallic looking cover art in the world but then again the music isn’t the most metallic either. Nonetheless, Togenashi Togeari (トゲナシトゲアリ) have been a band on this Read more […]

Vulture – The Sentinels March

Photo: Robin Waechtershaeuser Continuing their rise up the heavy metal ranks, Vulture blazes a trail that may be familiar to some, yet their conviction cannot be denied. Embracing elements of the speed, Read more […]

Amiensus – Reclamation part 1 (M-Theory Audio)

Re-emerging after four years, with 2020’s Abreaction being their last release, Amiensus also sport a new label in tow. Always an exciting act due to their innovative approach to darkness, operating in Read more […]

The Ghost Inside – Searching for Solace (Epitaph)

Now four years removed from their self-titled album, The Ghost Inside return while looking ahead to expand their sonic palate. Searching for Solace continues the band’s energetic and abrasive approach Read more […]

Tombstoner – Rot Stink Rip (Redefining Darkness Records)

Not very often do you see two sets of brothers joining together for a band – but that’s what we have here from Staten Island, NY for Tombstoner. Arriving on the scene in 2019, the quartet create an Read more […]