Gozu – Nailing That Groove

Witnessing this Boston-based stoner/doom rock and metal unit live opening for Crowbar a few years back in Providence, RI, Gozu have been a steady airplay favorite ever since. The deeper grooves, thick Read more […]

Kaivs – Horrend (Independent)

It’s always fun to come across a band with a large amount of potential. We used to do this via tape trading in the old days. Now, it’s more scouring Bandcamp/Spotify/etc. to unearth something new. Read more […]

Non Est Deus – Legacy (Noisebringer Records)

If Noise doesn’t sound familiar, well, there’s a lot you’ve been missing. That was a confusing statement, wasn’t it? We’re not referring to the word as a noun, but in the form of the artist who Read more […]

Avarice – Avarice (Uprising! Records)

With an original run under their belts as teenagers from 2006-08, Danish band Avarice returned in 2021 – delivering the Reborn in Blood EP that impressed the media as well as Uprising! Records who would Read more […]

Heir to Madness – Journey Through Nightflyers

Texas musician Jason Wiscarson developed Heir to Madness to express his musical thoughts in a progressive rock/metal context – adding alternative/gothic strains to expand horizons. Releasing two albums Read more […]

Helloween / HammerFall – May 16, 2023 – Jannus Live, St. Petersburg, FL

It’s been awhile since Helloween has played on Florida soil (1989 to be exact), but not nearly as long for HammerFall, who graced us with their presence most recently in 2019. So when the Spring 2023 Read more […]

April 2023 Album of the Month: Fires in the Distance – Air Not Meant for Us

Our April 2023 Album of the Month selection is Air Not Meant for Us, the phenomenal sophomore full-length from the quickly ascending melodic death/doom metal project known as Fires in the Distance. Forming Read more […]

Saint Deamon – Rise of the Serpent

There’s nothing quite like the sound of European power metal – especially in the hands/minds of experienced players from Norway and Sweden that we have here in Saint Deamon. Arriving at their fourth Read more […]

Song / Video Premier: Bray Road’s ‘Feed the Beast’

We’re excited to premier the first track and music video for Wisconsin thrashers Bray Road and their upcoming third full-length Focused. Fierce. Relentless…, due to howl into your psyche on July 15th. The Read more […]

The Arcane Order – Distortions from Cosmogony (Black Lion Records)

Much akin to founder Flemming C. Lund’s underrated act Autumn Leaves, The Arcane Order has been a melodic death metal band that swerves hard into the death metal part of the genre – with The Arcane Order Read more […]

Metal Church – Congregation of Annihilation (Rat Pak Records)

Long-time followers of Metal Church would understand if leader Kurdt Vanderhoof didn’t feel he had anything left in the creative tank for this veteran outfit. Especially given the loss of two pinnacle Read more […]

Trespass – Wolf At Your Door (From the Vaults)

Best known in circles for their NWOBHM single “One of These Days”, Trespass still glides along with vocalist/guitarist Mark Sutcliffe at the helm for Wolf at the Door. The quartet consists of older Read more […]

Sirenia – Making Things Simple

Releasing their eleventh studio album in 22 years, 1977 contains a lot of the trademark symphonic/gothic metal layers Sirenia has been well-known and revered for. At the same time, there’s a fresh synthwave/pop Read more […]

Stormage – Ashes of Doom (El Puerto Records)

Many ardent listeners in power metal notice distinctions even within that category depending on how the musicians choose to approach their sound, tones, and influences. In the case of German quartet Stormage, Read more […]

The Ironfist – Tyrant’s Return (Sliptrick Records)

Incorporating a NWOBHM style into blackened thrash angles, Singapore act The Ironfist unleash Tyrant’s Return – the fourth studio album and third in the last three years. When given the opportunity Read more […]

Prydain – The Gates of Aramore (Limb Music)

Inspiration comes in many forms. For guitarist Austin Dixon, formerly of power metal act Sonic Prophecy, the desire to achieve an artist driven project album a la Avantasia or Star One set the stage for Read more […]

Devildriver – More Demons Ahead

Back in 2020, Devildriver released the first part of a double album in the form of Dealing with Demons. At the beginning of the onset of COVID-19, and at a time where touring was not happening. It was Read more […]

Fires in the Distance – Pensive Elegance

Photo credit: Matty Thrash Having put the metal world on notice with their brand of dreamlike melancholy, Fires in the Distance have worked hard to refine their sound to achieve a higher level of potency. Read more […]

Vomitory – All Heads Are Gonna Roll (Metal Blade Records)

The original run for Swedish death metal act Vomitory went from the late 80’s until 2013 – with eight fine studio albums assaulting the airwaves. Most ardent followers have their favorites (put Blood Read more […]

Olkoth – At the Eye of Chaos (Everlasting Spew Records)

Newcomers Olkoth have been teasing listeners for a while now with their brand of blackened death metal, starting with a well received demo back in 2019 that piqued more than a few ears. A single “Eidolon Read more […]

Cattle Decapitation – Terrasite (Metal Blade Records)

Editors note: Introducing our latest wordsmith Stephen Calligan Cattle Decapitation is a group that is ever in metamorphosis; much like the concept thrust forth on the cover of their latest album Terrasite. Read more […]

Thulcandra – Enter the Abyss

Successfully delivering extreme metal in two distinct outfits, guitarist Steffen Kummerer has been able to establish both Obscura and the current band under the microscope Thulcandra to a global community Read more […]

Moonreich – Amer (Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions)

The nation of France has given us a plethora of varied metal black acts to enjoy over the years. Blut Aus Nord immediately comes to mind as one of the best both historically and currently, along with a Read more […]

Bloody Nightmare – Pillars of Chaos (Fighter Records)

South America has been an underground hotbed when it comes to heavy metal as of late. Hailing from Bogota, Columbia, Bloody Nightmare started their ascension in 2013, releasing a demo and single before Read more […]

Terrifier – Trample the Weak, Devour the Dead (Empire Records)

Vancouver, Canada’s Terrifier returns to the scene six years after their previous release Weapons of Thrash Destruction (reviewed by this scribe for the site), modified to a power trio lineup from a Read more […]

Trespass – The Wolf Comes Knocking

When it comes to influence across the metal landscape, most artists draw inspiration from the classic elements that started it all – including the strong wave of bands across England that served as the Read more […]

dEMOTIONAL – Scandinavian Aftermath (AFM Records)

In today’s modern metal marketplace, exposure is king. The court of public opinion has more weight than ever – especially through the social media/ streaming options available to all at their fingertips. Read more […]

Speedwhore – Visions of a Parallel World (Dying Victims Productions)

Originally active from 2006-2013 as Speed Whöre (umlauts add that extra sinister touch), German band Speedwhore produce a primal, raw blackened thrash sound on their second-full length Visions of a Parallel Read more […]

Frozen Soul – Glacial Domination (Century Media)

It must seem like this Texas death metal act shot out of a cannon in terms of underground success in such a short period of time. Arriving on the scene in 2018, their debut demo Encased in Ice got the Read more […]