Negative 13 – Mourning Asteri Full Album Stream!

Post-punk sludge masters Negative 13 are back! Nearly 20 years after the release of their self-titled debut, Negative 13 is set to return with Mourning Asteri. We are stoked to be streaming the album in Read more […]

Haunt – Windows of Your Heart (Iron Grip/ Church Recordings)

When a musician sets a lofty goal like releasing twenty albums within the same framework as Trevor William Church has for Haunt, it’s evident he’s well on his way as Windows of Your Heart is the seventh Read more […]

0N0 – Unwavering Resonance (The House of What You See)

It’s refreshing to come across something that’s fresh. Being a huge fan of industrial music and doom metal, I’ve heard some of 0N0’s stuff here and there, but never dove in for unknown reasons. Read more […]

Horizon Ignited – Towards the Dying Lands (Nuclear Blast)

Melodic death metal has been a foothold in the hearts of most scribes for this site – there from the infancy of the style in the 1990’s captivating listeners worldwide. Makes sense that as the pioneers Read more […]

In Slumber – While We Sleep (War Anthem Records)

Here’s a name I haven’t heard in a while – In Slumber. With their last release being 2009’s Arcane Divine Subspecies, it’s been 13 years. Time flies, doesn’t it? It’s now 2022, and the Austrians Read more […]

June 2022 Album of the Month: Kreator – Hate Über Alles

German thrash institution Kreator release an album every five years. It’s a time period necessitated by their nose-to-the-grindstone focus on touring and their status as an elite band whose studio albums Read more […]

Battering Ram – Old School in Our Hearts

Straight ahead hard rock and heavy metal never loses its charm when done as well as you’ll hear with this Swedish band Battering Ram. Driving power chords, bluesy and gritty vocals, plus a swinging rhythm Read more […]

June 2022 Rapid Fires

The thick of the summer (and its never-ending heat) has brought another round of Rapid Fires, our short review column. There’s plenty to chew on this month, including: Blitzkrieg, Chaos Magic, Ironhawk, Read more […]

Municipal Waste – Electrified Brain (Nuclear Blast)

Veterans at this point of the crossover party thrash movement, Municipal Waste get down to business with their addictive riffs, seething vocals, variant tempos from groove to warp speed abilities and deliver Read more […]

A Lie Nation – Sociopathology (Inverse Records)

A slow and steady workload can often produce strong results as musicians gain confidence and experience at their craft. Finnish act A Lie Nation started in 2009 from a garage band fusion of two other groups Read more […]

Stormbringer Metal Festival – June 10-11, 2022 – Ralph’s Rock Diner, Worcester, MA

When you live in New England, it’s not often that an underground traditional heavy metal festival happens in your backyard, but that’s exactly what took place from June 10-11 at Ralph’s Rock Diner Read more […]

Protector – Excessive Outburst of Depravity (High Roller Records)

Originally based in Germany and transplanted in Sweden since their reformation in 2011, Protector are another of the original thrash guard that continue to produce primal music for their underground hordes. Read more […]

Cellar Stone – Rise & Fall (Rock of Angels Records)

The wealth of material sculpted, molded, and developed into albums during the pandemic reaches historic levels unheard of previously in the industry. Working on the music for the second Cellar Stone album Read more […]

Wind Rose – A Rising Army

Anthems of dwarven power/ folk metal might that transport the listener into fantasy realms with Tolkien and Warhammer themes – that’s the platform that Italian quintet Wind Rose travel down since their Read more […]

Misgivings – Misgivings (Dolorem Records)

What a long trip it’s been for French death metal band Misgivings to arrive at this self-titled debut album. Originating in 1991, they released four demos between 1994-2006, plus a split ten-inch vinyl Read more […]

Chaos Frame – Entropy (Pure Steel Records)

It’s always a welcoming experience to chart the evolution of an act previously gaining coverage for this site to see development and growth. Seven years removed from last album Paths to Exile, Chaos Read more […]

Deep Sun – Living in a Dreamland

Focusing on an album of dream stories that are literal as well as allegorical and symbolic in sensibility, Swiss act Deep Sun embrace a love of symphonic metal/rock for this third album Dreamland – Behind Read more […]

Fallen Sanctuary – Terranova (AFM Records)

The evolution of this act from a mutual love of late 90’s/early 2000’s European-style power metal into a full outfit is what we have here for Fallen Sanctuary. Vocalist Georg Neuhauser (Serenity) and Read more […]

Devil’s Train – Ashes & Bones (Rock of Angels Records)

Back for a third platter with a new bassist and guitarist in tow, Devil’s Train contains many familiar players for those who love heavy, power, and speed metal. Drummer Jörg Michael cut his teeth on Read more […]

Elephants in Paradise – Beware of Black Widows

Probably one of the quirkiest monikers in the music field, Elephants in Paradise are an Austrian act who develop a mix of alternative and progressive hard rock/metal, with pop, melodic, and modern sensibilities. Read more […]

Entrails – An Eternal Time of Decay (Hammerheart Records)

Originally developing their death metal material in that first wave of the 1990’s, Entrails went to rest towards the end of that decade. Guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist resurrected the band in 2008, signing Read more […]

Nightbearer – Ghosts of a Darkness to Come (Testimony Records)

Fruitful times for OSDM these days – almost like clockwork passing the torch down from forefathers to newcomers, people are cranking out straightforward riffs embellished with HM-2 pedal urgency, summoning Read more […]

Devil’s Train – Rock and Roll Family

Returning after a seven-year break from the recording studio with their third album Ashes & Bones, Devil’s Train showcases metal musicians developing material in more of a classic hard rock, bluesy/southern Read more […]

Intoxicated – Watch You Burn (Seeing Red Records)

Recording this album Watch You Burn in the same rehearsal studio in Tampa that Morbid Angel called home for years (now reconverted to Candor Recording) – Intoxicated contains members with affiliations Read more […]

Wicked Stone – Synergy (Hard to Stay Quiet Records)

The parallel development of music in the US and UK markets is intriguing – oceans apart but often similar in the sense of continually morphing and exploring new trends/sounds hoping for that ‘next Read more […]

Seven Kingdoms – Peak Perseverance

US power metal bands struggle often to attain the respect and popularity of their European counterparts. One act consistently making inroads to change that perception from Florida has been Seven Kingdoms. Read more […]

Exocrine – The Hybrid Suns (Unique Leader Records)

Advanced musicianship at dizzying speeds can lead many to check out early when it comes to the tech death revolution in metal. Others can’t get enough of the movement – which brings us to French quartet Read more […]

Civil War – Invaders (Napalm Records)

Although six years may seem like a long time between studio records, there’s been a few key shifts in the lineup of Civil War plus normal worldwide events that justify this absence. New singer Kelly Read more […]

Visions of Atlantis – Embracing Pirates

Austrian act Visions of Atlantis have come out of the pandemic resilient considering the tragic derailing of their 2020 North American tour opening for Dragonforce less than a week into March of that year. Read more […]

Consecration – Cinis (Redefining Darkness Records)

Specific countries develop distinct qualities when it comes to metal. The bleak, grey atmosphere often appears in the UK as an example – perfect for a fusion of death and doom to coexist. Consecration Read more […]

Monasterium – Cold Are the Graves (Nine Records)

Belief in a common goal allows artists to achieve a unifying template which can convince listeners to attach easier to their output. In the case of Monasterium, this Polish quartet worship at the altar Read more […]