Carnifex – The Economy of Motion

Reliable headliners in the deathcore scene, California act Carnifex continually strive to establish new elements into a sound that has carried them since the mid-2000’s. Their latest album Necromanteum Read more […]

Scorched Moon – Forever Seeking Dawn

Photo credit: Magenta Skull Photography Earlier this year, I had the honor of reviewing Scorched Moon’s debut album Obsidia, and anyone that has heard it has been immediately gripped by this very Read more […]

Beyond Shadows – Beyond Shadows (Self-Released)

Being an ardent follower of the underground scene throughout the 80’s and 90’s, this scribe got the fortunate opportunity to take in many new artists trudging through the demo stages in hopes of honing Read more […]

Asinhell – Impii Hora (Metal Blade Records)

While writing material for 2021’s Servant of the Mind album, guitarist/frontman of Volbeat Michael Poulsen had a few death metal riffs that obviously did not fit the Danish mainstay act – so he saved Read more […]

Altarage – Worst Case Scenario (Doomentia Records)

When traversing to the realm of highly experimental death metal, it’s best to resist preconceived notions of typical meaty death metal. It is experimental, after all, so there’s an incalculable level Read more […]

ProgPower USA XXII – Day 2 – September 7, 2023 – Center Stage Theater, Atlanta, GA

If you’ve missed the Day 1 recap, please check it out here. After a good night’s sleep, we felt rested and ready for another day of fun and metal (which is basically the same thing). Before the Read more […]

Nervosa – Jailbreak (Napalm Records)

The implosion of any band lineup can take a toll mentally as well as physically. To survive this happening twice over the past five years could be catastrophic for most – but not in the case of Prika Read more […]

Sinnery – Below the Summit (Exitus Stratagem Records)

Smartly following up last year’s great Black Bile album, Israeli band Sinnery serve listeners a five-track EP in Below the Summit. There’s a sense of urgency tempered with finesse, sophistication, Read more […]

Sodomisery – Mazzaroth (Testimony Records)

The name Sodomisery ringed a slight bell when the wife mentioned that their new album would be right up my alley. Maybe the name being an odd and interesting play on words was what stuck in the brain. Read more […]

Skull & Crossbones – Under Tyrant’s Rule

Photo: Michael Vetter The power, the strength, the might of Teutonic heavy metal. It’s been a part of the genre for decades – no matter what feels trendy, there’s nothing quite like the sound Read more […]

Deathblow – Rotten Trajectory (Sewer Mouth Records)

Although there are plenty of Deathblows across the globe of the death, gothic, or doom variety, this specific Deathblow hails from Salt Lake City, Utah. Originally formed as a cover band, they changed Read more […]

Uada – Crepuscule Natura (Eisenwald)

When it comes to workhorse bands in the black metal scene, it’s hard to out hustle Portland’s Uada. Constantly touring with diverse packages, these fellows have managed to grow their following exponentially. Read more […]

Night in Gales – The Black Stream (Apostasy Records)

Within melodic death metal circles, those truly in the know have Night in Gales near the top of the most influential and finest of the many acts the genre has to offer. Nary setting a foot in the wrong Read more […]

Primordial – The End Is Near

Photo: Fergal Flannery With over thirty years invested as a group, Irish veterans Primordial are a reliable force when it comes to Celtic folk/black metal. Epic songwriting, cultural aural tapestry, Read more […]

Electric Callboy – September 15, 2023 – Palladium Times Square, New York, NY

You know what metal shows need more of? FUN! With a very firm history of extreme music concerts in my backpocket, which I absolutely love, increasingly over the last few years I’ve longed for something Read more […]

Cannibal Corpse – Chaos Horrific (Metal Blade Records)

One of the premiere acts in the death metal genre, Cannibal Corpse didn’t neglect the time away from the stage when locked away working on their previous record Violence Unimagined from 2021. Instead, Read more […]

Terra Builder – Solar Temple (Transcending Obscurity)

Who doesn’t love unfiltered aural onslaughts that overwhelm and leave complete annihilation in their wake? Swifties, perhaps? Pay no mind to that nonsense; what we have here may make their eardrums collapse Read more […]

Blackbriar – A Dark Euphony (Nuclear Blast)

Of all the acts that weren’t getting signed over the last decade, Blackbriar certainly stood up as one of the most consistently headscratching. A beautiful, gothic-drenched symphony that dreamt up whimsical Read more […]

ProgPower USA XXII – Day 1 – September 6, 2023 – Center Stage Theater, Atlanta, GA

If somehow you are unfamiliar with ProgPower USA, let me give you a quick rundown of this amazing festival. The United States is not really known for our metal festivals, but we do have some that are very Read more […]

Song Premier: Terra Builder’s ‘Solar Temple’

Excitement abound with another exclusive song premier here on Dead Rhetoric! This time, we’ve got a fresh track from the debuting death/grind powerhouse Terra Builder titled “Solar Temple,” which Read more […]

Broken By the Scream – Whitewater Park (Tokuma Japan Communications)

One of the most intriguing oddities from the Japanese metal scene in the last decade, Broken by the Scream launched in 2016 and have three full-length albums to their credit, not to mention a few EPs, Read more […]