Your Chance to Die – The American Dream (Red Cord Records)

Sunday, 7th July 2013
Rating: 7.5/10

Having a female front a death metal band isn’t presented the same way as those dime-a-dozen symphonic/Goth outfits…downplaying the fact is definitely the priority. You can’t really hide these type of things (or, people) though, for the dude population of metal has limited brainpower and can only think of a few things at once, and the opposite sex tends to be normally top of mind. South Carolina’s Your Chance to Die do one heck of a concealing job on their sophomore The American Dream album, for DR didn’t realize the singer was a woman until some internet sleuthing took place.

A relatively young band who has clearly found its bearings, the death metal jungle gym on display across The American Dream’s ten tracks encapsulates traditional brutal DM, Sumerian DM, and technical DM. Wisely finding a commonality, the songs here are angular, with lively riffs filling up the room with plenty of snap, like on “Renenet,” which throws down like the entire Unique Leader roster circa early 00’s. Vocalist Missi Avila is largely indistinguishable from the rest of the death metal gurgle gang, but her emphatic chorus shouts on “Conscience,” as well as “Oscuridad” give the songs a central point of focus in the vocal department.

Of course, with Avila out front, Your Chance to Die’s chance for success improves exponentially (word is the band is Christian too). The American Dream is death metal tailor-made for the modern age.

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