ReviewsWormed - Omegon (Season of Mist)

Wormed – Omegon (Season of Mist)

Wormed has always been a band that’s not for everyone. Not even in the extreme metal community. Their sound is one that’s purposely alien. There’s nothing that quite sounds like Wormed. Its with that notion in mind that Omegon still manages to come across as a daunting and dense listen, though neither terms are meant with any negative connotation. Wormed simply continue to grow more alien and strange, and quite frankly, the metal scene wouldn’t have it any other way.

Omegon instantly opens up with “Automaton Virtulague,” a track that sets the standard for what you’ll hear. It’s more or less what Wormed have been doing since their onset, except even more extreme in nature. There’s frantic, technically driven riffs, inhuman gurgles, thick as alien goo riffs, and a near incessant amount of drum battery. It comes in an overwhelming onslaught and much of what you’ll hear on the first listen is the monstrous wall of foreign sound washing over you. It’s thick to the point of sludge, yet rages with malevolent death metal intent.

It’s really only after you’ve listened to a few times that you can start to pull out some nuance and acknowledge that the album isn’t just a sludgy, alien ball of riffs and gurgling. You can hear the monstrous grooves and pick up on the jagged, angular guitarwork and start to piece together it’s place in the atmosphere of things. “Protogod” becomes a swirling mass of groovy riffs, but led by sometimes creepy, eerie guitar melodies that teases the ear while stomping at your brain. “Virtual Teratogenesis” will melt your head with it’s technical wizardry below the surface while settling you into it’s odd, mysterious atmosphere. It’s this dichotomy that Wormed flirts with successfully. There’s a joy in finding the greater depth below the battering ram and space-fueled slamming death metal delight.

Utterly devastating with a wall of sound that feels entirely like it’s from a distant black hole, its in the sprinkling of crazed technicality and eerily soothing atmosphere and rhythms that allow Omegon to shine like the stars around it. Wormed have continued to raise the bar for themselves with each release and their ability to melt minds has strengthened since their last release. Come for the chaos, then dissect inwards to find what separates Wormed from the rest of the death metal crowd.

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