ReviewsWe Are the Catalyst - Perseverance (Self-Released)

We Are the Catalyst – Perseverance (Self-Released)

An appropriate album title if there ever was one, We Are the Catalyst continue to weather all the storms that are tossed their way (such as the Pledge Music debacle).  2019’s Ephemeral was a modern metal gem that was unfortunately a bit underappreciated by the heavy community.  Blending metal, rock, industrial, and more together into a catchy and memorable package, Perseverance continues to do more of the same for We Are the Catalyst.  While it may not advance their sound much, it packs quite a bit of polish and sees the band flexing those melodic muscles with full force.

“Set the World on Fire” sets the pace perfectly for the band.  A bouncy, upbeat number that utilizes vocalist Cat Fey to her maximum while still providing a flourishing accompaniment of electronic beats and groovy riffs.  Follow up “Shallow Ground” goes more in a melodic direction (complete with a beautiful chorus) and keeps things moving ahead.  What’s interesting is that they included two songs in their native tongue (“Jartecken” and “Noll”).  They capture the same spirit as the other tracks, but there’s a really compelling feeling to both of these tracks that make them stand out (outside of the language of course).  Outside of that, there’s the more gentle “Better,” the urgency of the chorus in “Dancing Solo,” and the thunderous “Drowning” for those seeking the same pleasant diversity that the band has provided with their past releases.   The diversity is key for this band, and the blend of heavy and melodic really bolsters their sound (see “More” for a nice blend of both worlds).

Perseverance is a showcase of We Are the Catalyst continuing to refine and tighten their songwriting.  It’s a start to finish blast of catchy vocal melodies wrapped around some crunchy guitar riffs and bouts of electronic beats.  Hopefully more will take notice of this act, as they’ve got some great crossover potential for those seeking either hard rock or metal.

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