Volbeat – Live: Sold Out DVD (Mascot Records)

Monday, 18th March 2013
Rating: 7.5/10

Only fitting that a DVD released in 2008 is only coming out now, for a band that has been big in Europe and is only catching on in North America…now. Once a part of the mini Danish metal explosion of the mid-00’s (Mercenary, Hatesphere, Raunchy, Mnemic), Volbeat have surpassed them in all in terms of visibility and popularity, at least on European shores. Plus, having some pint-sized Danish drummer from the biggest metal band in the world in your corner can’t hurt matters either, you know?

Live: Sold Out catches the band during the touring process for their Rock the Rebel/Meet the Devil effort and is subsequently the first time the band was introduced to the usual mega-festivals like Wacken, Summer Breeze, et al. It’s a 2-disc set, with the first compiling various sets from the aforementioned festivals (pro-shot, of course), and intimate club gigs in their homeland.

Their polished brand of Danish metal (just reference any Jacob Hansen production job and you’ll get the idea) and rockabilly/punk is simply there to back up singer/guitarist Michael Paulsen who is clearly the star of the show. The man knows only one pitch it seems (and frankly, it gets annoying), but it’s hard to deny the outward catchiness of songs like “Sad Man’s Tongue,” “Rebel Monster” and “Pool of Blood.” The band’s best song, “Say Your Number” is conspicuously absent, much to this scribe’s chagrin.

The second disc is the documentary portion, profiling each band member, documenting the band’s early beginning from Paulsen’s death metal days to their slow rise to #1 in Denmark. The band’s road crew is profiled, fans are interviewed, and usual tour shenanigans are tossed in as well. Such behind-the-scenes footage is always cool to watch, even though the Danes are a bit too humble to be hamming it up for the cameras.

If rewind to five years ago, it was Mercenary that we figured would be the band to break out of Denmark. Sorta funny, considering when Volbeat was name-dropped by Mercenary and friends, they elicited nothing more than a passing response. Now look at ‘em: taking over Europe, palling around with Lars…all the while writing some pretty fun and immediate tunes. Live: Sold Outcaptures their rise; wonder how they’ll capture life at the top. It’s going to happen.


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