Veonity – Sorrows (Scarlet Records)

Thursday, 27th August 2020
Rating: 9/10

Now establishing a firm foothold in their brand of power metal, Swedish quartet Veonity move onto Scarlet Records for their fourth studio record Sorrows – confident in their abilities and willing to expand upon their catchy, melodic material that has gained fair acceptance on a worldwide accord. Subscribing to the same recording, mixing, mastering and cover art team of Ronny Milianowicz, Tony Lindgren, and Thomas Holmstrand from 2018’s Legend of the Starborn album, it’s easy to see that these ten tracks continue to develop their uplifting power hooks and soaring melodies while occasionally injecting a heavier and darker texture to the proceedings.

Those who love penetrating double kick mechanics and dual guitar aspects along with swirling keyboards that provide symphonic/orchestral texture will immediately get into the mid-tempo, spacey vibe of “Graced or Damned” – guitarist/vocalist Anders Sköld ascending the ranks of premiere singers like Tony Kakko and Michael Kiske as far as emotive range and versatility. Exemplary lead breaks and a pumping bass underpinning pushes the mid-tempo “Blinded Eyes Will See” into highlight mode, certain runs giving off a “Future World” vibe intertwined with Nocturnal Rites during The Sacred Talisman period of the band. As guitarists Samuel Lundström and Anders certainly have studied their craft and blaze through shred and neoclassical-oriented arpeggio activities – off to the races in unison with a bit of gallop for “Where Our Memories Used to Grow”, while slightly progressive and stretching into heavier terrain during “Center of the Storm”. They also delve into some military-like Sabaton charm with the battle themed “War” – the chorus sure to engage the legions while the verses have a bit more of that throaty, low key spirit. The shorter timeframe at forty-six plus minutes is rather tidy compared to their previous discography that often approached an hour (or over in the case of Legend of the Starborn) – ensuring maximum repeated exposure as the songs are that good, that catchy, and that enduring.

Lyrically dealing with issues of betrayal, grief, and solitude but not a ‘concept’ album per se, Sorrows again proves why Veonity is at the top of their game if you love classic power metal with some bite and stellar guitar harmonies/interplay. Ideal for those into early Sonata Arctica, Helloween, and even Twilight Force.

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