Vendetta – Feed the Extermination (Massacre Records)

Sunday, 24th March 2013
Rating: 6.5/10

An early nod for worst song title of the year goes to Vendetta’s “Ovulation Bitch.” There is no way any of these guys have spouses or girlfriends. Or maybe they do and run for cover when “Mother Nature” comes around the corner. Blistering can just picture the various punters high-fiving each other when seeing “Ovulation Bitch” coming up on their respective CD players or iPods. As if, they can compare notes as to how bitchy their significant others get when “things” are happening, like, “Dude, my girlfriend sucks so bad when she’s on her period. She yelled at me for putting my feet on the table. Dude, I know!”

To the matter at hand, Vendetta is a German thrash band who formed in 1987 and have a miniscule four albums to their name. Feed the Extermination is their latest release and it tries its hardest to marry German thrash with American thrash, sort of like a Destruction-on-Metallica combination. The band’s riff selections have plenty of zip to them (see the Kreator-ready “Tremendous Brutality”), yet their compositions are largely stale and uncreative. Perhaps if it the band took itself out of 1987 mode and re-entered modern metal times, they’d have more of a fighting chance of survival.

Singer Mario Vogel comes across like a German Zetro Souza (Exodus) and yes, he is spot-on during “Ovulation Bitch,” a song that might not be as goofy as we previously indicated. Beyond that though, Vogel is rendered largely ineffective, spouting off with little or no conviction, going as far to sounding out of place on the lifeless “Storage of Anger,” “Abuse,” and “Trust In God.”

Ridiculous song titles aside, Vendetta feel like they’re several paces off the lead thrash lap. With Feed the Extermination (shouldn’t it be Feed the Exterminator?), the Germans act and sound the part of a band who hasn’t quite figured out they’re more a part of the problem than the solution. This is C-grade thrash it its most exemplary.

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