Vandroya – Beyond the Human Mind (Inner Wound Recordings)

Wednesday, 19th April 2017
Rating: 8/10

Always a pleasant treat to find a band that comes from out of nowhere and impresses you. Though certainly not for some, as Vandroya released their first full-length (One) in 2013 after a number of years in existence already, so fans have already made their way over. A few tracks here and there in between and the stage is set for their second album, Beyond the Human Mind. An album that should find plenty of new exposure given its mix of power and progressive metal.

Starting things off on the right foot is an instrumental, “Columns of Illusion,” that actually does its job of getting the listener prepped for what’s to come. A solid build up of proggy guitarwork and synths that then explode into the power gallop that is “The Path to the Endless Fall.” This track sets up what you can come to expect over the course of the album, for the most part. Fast, energetic tempos with a solid mash-up of progressive melodies that are intricate but never overdone and riffs that sit at the more aggressive end of the power metal genre (always the most pleasing type for this scribe) while keeping a catchy feel. On top of it all are Daisa Munhoz’s vocals, which add the right combination of beauty and power. Sweet and genuine ballads, “Last Breath” and “If I Forgive Myself” show the full appeal of Munhoz’s singing – keeping them above the hokey line with her passion. On the other end, the progressive side of the band gets to spread their wings with the 11-minute title track, which serves as a dynamic finale that never feels like it is being drawn out. Other tracks of note are the intense drumming of “Time After Time” and epic and fist-raising qualities of “You’ll Know My Name.”

Well-written and flat-out enjoyable power/prog is what you can expect from Beyond the Human Mind. Those looking for a new band in this genre that can keep things at the heavier end while satisfying the melodic and progressive sides at the same time should give Vandroya a shot. You’ll surely be glad you did.

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