ReviewsTurbo – Broke & Ugly (Self-Released)

Turbo – Broke & Ugly (Self-Released)

Four-piece outfit Turbo calls Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada home – a heavy metal outfit with NWOBHM meets old-school ripping groove / primal instinct appeal. Broke & Ugly is the second album, an eight-song affair that borders on the cusp of sleazy, gritty power channeled through some thick, progressive bass lines and catchy as all hell gang vocals while the main vocals seethe with anger as the twin guitar rhythms plus harmony bits conjure up the best 70s/early 80s UK influences.

The axe interplay between Evan Frizzle and Lindsey Dicks takes Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden onto an 80s Sunset Strip trip – keeping things lean and trim to make “No Savior” and “Pissjugs and “Rattlesnakes” early favorites, the latter especially through its bluesy / shred spotlight interplay at various points of the arrangement. When you want that highway, gallop-heavy effort, “Nothing to Nowhere” fills that slot in the record – Evan belting out some sinister main melodies while the extended instrumental break creates addictive momentous runs with a Southern rock flair. Most of the time though, the Motörhead-like attitude and energy pour through every arrangement – along with a road trip lyrical stance where lost loves, parties, strippers, and road life capture the moments that shape these musicians through years of experience. The production feels as live off the floor as you would hope – probably magnified to louder capacities when aired live, recorded by Lindsey Dicks in their rehearsal space with minimal outside assistance. On initial listen most will be impressed with the energy, but subsequent passes unfold the hidden gem elements – be it the intricate bass licks of Henry MacDonald that prop up opener “Ruthless Forever” all the way through to some sadistic laughs or multi-part background vocal chants peppered throughout the record.

The cartoon-ish cover art with toxic green/red colors could bring more smiles to the fold – Turbo executing a great crossover sound that stands on the edge of thrash, punk and NWOBHM/heavy metal. Broke & Ugly could be your soundtrack when needing an ideal wind down from your back breaking, seemingly never over work week.

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8.5 / 10