TRiDENT – Dream Up (松山制作委員会)

Wednesday, 22nd November 2023
Rating: 8.5/10

A three member band formed in 2016 (then as Girls Rock Band Kakumei), TRiDENT have been a Japanese act that skirts boundaries between rock and  metal, with some light dabbling into pop as well. Their first full-length was 2021’s Advance Generation, and for the last two years, they have been releasing some singles which turned into EP efforts. Dream Up is the latest of these, a 5-song affair that follows last year’s D-X.  TRiDENT’s consistent energy and knack for catchy melodies makes Dream Up an easy point to be introduced to the band, as well as please long-time fans.

Starting off with the rollicking and aptly-named “Kickass,” the threesome waste no time in introducing some very ear-pleasing melodic riffs that seem to ooze energy and flair. The driving tempos and playful melodies lead into a rousing chorus that is bound to get into your head before the end of the first listen. Add in a scorching layer of punk-ish fun, and it’s very representative of what TRiDENT can do. The intensity is augmented by the second track, “Repaint,” which all but storms the gates with a soaring guitar melody that wouldn’t have felt out of place on an older In Flames album. Written by PassCode mastermind Koji Hirachi, you can hear some traces of that metallic energy being carried over into the galloping riffs – given a nice boost by Asaka’s vocals, which offer a solid mix of elegance and sheer rock charisma. As we move to the third song, “Twinkle,” the consistency in the melodies becomes even more apparent, even as a song that gives Nagisa’s drumming some quality front and center time along with upping the electronic elements. The final two songs lean more in a melodic direction overall, but still emphasize those super catchy moments that TRiDENT utilize so well. Particularly with closer “Neo Future,” which acts as a really highlight for Asaka, leveraging a strong chorus to back up the mid-tempo melodic flourishes.

Dream Up is a fun, melodically engrossing EP that showcases TRiDENT’s ability to play some very upbeat material that will initially hook you, earworming their way into reapeated listens before you know it. As another act from Japan that seems to be at the very verge of a breakout into international acclaim, this is also a fine showcase of the band’s prowess. You can feel the energy and hunger in Dream Up, and it’s bound to impress anyone who comes across it.

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