Torn the Fuck Apart – The Dissection of Christ (Self-Released)

Wednesday, 27th March 2013
Rating: 7.5/10

An immediate chuckle came by way of Torn the Fuck Apart’s bio: “What were you expecting with a name like Torn the Fuck Apart? Smooth jazz?” It’s a good thing when the band in question is in on the joke, and it appears Kansas City’s Torn the Fuck Apart are. Even a casual perusal of the band’s Facebook page reveals the overuse of the word “fuck,” which means these guys are either a rowdy bunch, or just bunch of regular dudes with potty mouths. Either way, from the cartoonish cover art to their even more hilarious name, TFA are going to at least get some heads turned their way.

Obviously, the band plays brutal death metal with gore and anti-religion-inspired lyrics. A voice clip introduces each song, most of which tackle sodomy in the church ranks, no doubt a hot topic in DM. It’s what you’d expect from a band like this, however, this five-piece has some grasp on the technical aspects of death metal. Lightning fast guitar pings and Unique Leader-ready drumming is what these guys do best, even getting down with some major balls and chunk on the title track and “God’s Blood Turned Black,” along with a quick jabs of melody on “Our Serpent Savior” and the instrumental “Purgatorium.” And don’t worry about trying to decipher what vocalist J is singing about – he gurgles his way through the album’s ten tracks like he was force-fed broken glass. Had to get at least one Cannibal Corpse reference in…

Presently unsigned, a band like Torn the Fuck Apart (it never gets old typing that, by the way) would be a quality addition to the Razorback Records roster, or even another small gore-based death metal label. Attempts at shock aside, there’s some meat on the bones of The Dissection of Christ, proving these guys have the bite to back up their blasphemous bark.

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