ReviewsTitans Eve - Chasing the Devil (Self-Released)

Titans Eve – Chasing the Devil (Self-Released)

After spending a little time researching online whether the band’s correct name is with an apostrophe s or not (certain reviews and Metal-Archives say no, the band’s Facebook page says yes), we’ll settle for Titans Eve at this point. In the end, it’s all about digging deep into the present product – and for this Vancouver, Canada based quartet, their third full-length record Chasing the Devil presents us a modern thrash template that can be as melodic as it is ferocious.

The formula seems to be of a mid-tempo riff and semi-gruff shouting vocal delivery template – the guitar work from Brian and Kyle Gamblin very intuitive, engaging, and taking into account a lot of traditional seasoning a la Evile. Check out the closing lead break for “Another Day” or a lot of the hammer on / twin harmony action during the opener “We Defy” and know that we aren’t dealing with a raw or rough thrash act. The band can get a little adventurous while settling into a comfortable groove, some of the tempos in line with Chaos A.D. period Sepultura or Machine Head as the intensity of riffs and band interplay ebbs and flows like the best dynamic veterans employ. The longest song on offer is the 7 minute title cut, and intertwines all of these facets along with an Annihilator meets Maiden instrumental section in the last third that should gain a lot of hair whipping, air guitar action.

As great as the music is, the shouting/semi-hardcore delivery of Brian’s vocals leaves a lot to be desired unless you appreciate a montage of Trivium and Pro-Pain taken through possibly a Max Cavalera phrasing class. I suppose it works better in a slower, more militant number like “The Grind”, but for the most part Titans Eve could be that much stronger if given a Chuck Billy or Joey Belladonna type belting out the material as the monotone nature can wear thin quickly (see “No Kingdom”). Sonically there are no complaints, especially when ‘Canadian metal hero’ Jeff Waters handles the mastering, and the open skull cover lets you know what you can anticipate.

Together for 7 years in the same incarnation, the band certainly possess strong chemistry and direction. Chasing the Devil will gain its share of followers, you just wish the group would go the extra mile in the vocal department for the overall betterment of the final outcome.

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