Thundermother – Heat Wave (AFM Records)

Thursday, 23rd July 2020
Rating: 8/10

Sometimes you just need a straight-ahead rocker of an album that you can crank loud and lose yourself in. Thundermother have been honing their brand of ‘classic’ rock, inspired by acts like AC/DC and Motorhead, for a few albums at this point and gaining traction within the circle. Heat Wave, as their fourth release, sees them really embracing the more fun aspects of their music and successfully carrying over live energy into their studio sound.

It’s really hard to talk about Heat Wave without using the word fun. At the very start of the first track, “Loud and Alive,” it hits you with an energetic and rousing melodic riff that’s bound to make you stand up and move along with it. The energy just keeps coming, with inviting and catchy melodies from guitarist Filippa Nässil and strong vocal hooks from Guernica Mancini, across the first five tracks. Things switch up into ballad mode for “Sleep,” which provides a genuinely sweet moment that also offers listeners a chance to slow down for a minute. Mancini’s vocals are a real standout here, and proves the band can do more than just rock their hearts out. After that brief slowdown, it’s right back to high-energy rocking, and the second half provides just as much fun as the first. “Ghosts” and “Mexico” stand out here, with groovy and playful riffs and just the right amount of attitude sell the tracks entirely.

Thundermother directly appeal to that ‘forget everything and just rock’ mentality. It’s got spunk and attitude in spades, and the consistency among the tracks make it easy to sit down and enjoy it with a grin from ear to ear. Heat Wave hits just in the right time of the year, as it’s a near perfect release to drive along to in the car with the windows down and music cranked to max volume.

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