Thornafire – Vortex Deconstruccion (Ibex Moon Records)

Saturday, 16th March 2013

There’s something awfully hateful with the Spanish language. Just the inflection is convincing enough (just reference any sitcom that uses the negative stereotype of the angry Spanish woman), so pair it with rangy, but classic death metal and you have a gem on your hands. Such is the case for Vortex Deconstruccion, the second full-length from Chile’s Thoranfire.

Stylistically, the trio plays it close the vest, relying heavily on meaty riffs and sporadic bursts of speed. The band is in the cross-hairs between Brazilian death metal (read: Krisiun) and American death metal (read: classic Morbid Angel), of which is clear on the frenetic “Sucubacion,” tight-as-fuck “Deconstruccion” andAlters of Madness-tinged “Confesion.”

As mentioned above, Vortex Deconstruccion is sung entirely in Spanish, allowing for singer/bassist Alex Munoz to spew some muy grande vitriol. The man spits serious venom throughout this 9-song platter, carrying a sense of conviction oftentimes lost in the cookie-cutter, Cookie Monster-bred annals of death metal. While our Spanish at Blistering is non-existent, it’s pretty evident that Jesus and co. were the targets.

Once considered a fertile breeding ground for death metal, Chile has yet to produce acts that can rival the deadly savagery of their neighboring countries. Thornafire, on the other hand, are a worthy unit, able to step up to the plate and stake their claim in the global death metal battle royale. Vorex Deconstruccion is proof positive of that. Me gusta!

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