The Spirit – The Cosmic Terror (AOP Records)

Friday, 28th February 2020
Rating: 7/10

I love the sound of blackened death metal in the morning. Germany’s infernal inquisitors The Spirit unleashed The Cosmic Terror on the unsuspecting masses and laid everything to waste. Comprised of MT on vocals and guitars, AT on bass, and MS on drums, The Spirit’s second LP is an exercise in misanthropic execution of furious riffs, gut-wrenching solos and pummeling drums, while shrieking lyrics about “the ability to spread agony/a sick craft you truly master/the enduring thirst for power and dominion”.

The opening salvo of these fine metal minstrels “Serpent as Time Reveals” relishes in blast beats going at 100 miles/hr. Indeed, the first song signifies the mission of this blackened death metal trio: to annihilate everything in its path. “Strive for Salvation” accomplishes this feat with extensive instrumental passages for maximum immersion. The record’s intensity never lets up for the entire duration of the disc, and it’s just making me look forward to future outputs from The Spirit.

The Cosmic Terror is filled to the brim with face-melting guitars, caustic vocals, scalding low end and bone-crushing guitars that it’s hard not to imagine this record making it’s way to every metal nerd worth his/her salt.

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