The Devils of Loudun – Enduring Creation (Self-Released)

Thursday, 31st March 2016
Rating: 9/10

Coming off of their first EP released last year (Entering Oblivion), The Devils of Loudun return with their next step, Enduring Creation. Melodic death metal that retains full fury yet has an ear for melody is what this group does best, and they also incorporate symphonic elements into the picture to enhance, and not water down their vision. Enduring Creation sees the band improving the formula for even more success.

With Entering Oblivion already a winner, soundwise, it’s more a case of fine-tuning than completely overriding the current formula for Enduring Creation. The songs feel more fleshed out and mature, and this time you get a full five tracks to indulge in (as opposed to four plus an intro). The songs themselves are a bit longer, but there’s no filler. It’s a matter of giving each track the proper breathing room, given the combination of the technically-driven melodic death metal with the often bombastic symphonies that accompany it. Case in point is the stunning seven minute closer, “Outcast of Existence,” which ventures in on an epic synth-laden intro before some chunky mid-tempo riffing takes over. The track culminates in an excellent merging of melodies between guitar and keys at about the halfway point and an extended piano outro takes it home. “Beyond the Sanctum” applies a similar formula by using an atmospheric acoustic beginning which then builds into blistering melodic death metal that fans of The Black Dahlia Murder are sure to get a rush out of. The leadwork continues to be a treat as well, with a reference to Allegaeon in terms of technical shredding ability, as in “Thrown to the Void.” Rounded out by a crisp production that makes sure the keys and instrumentation have equal footing, and some gorgeously dark art by Mark Cooper, Enduring Creation is the complete package.

With two gripping EPs under their belt, it seems The Devils of Loudun are ready to take what they know and bring it to the next level with a full-length. Enduring Creation has all you could ask for in a symphonic melodeath album – brutal riffs, harsh vocals, and searing melodies from the guitars and keys that offer a sense of atmosphere and serenity through the rage.

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