The Damnnation – Way of Perdition (Soulseller Records)

Friday, 6th May 2022
Rating: 7 / 10

Although OSDM from newer artists is all the rage in 2022, there’s been a healthy contingent carving out old school thrash presently as well. Add Brazilian trio The Damnnation to that list – in three short years pushing out two singles, their debut Parasite EP and now a full-length follow-up for Way of Perdition. Embracing an attack that includes elements of traditional and extreme metal, listeners will appreciate the primitive nature and take no prisoners attitude bleeding through these ten tracks of fury.

Injecting more of the crossover potent forcefulness of Power Trip in specific tones plus the barking nature of guitarist Renata Petrelli vocally takes the band away from strictly being Bay Area or Teutonic clones. Circular, heavy riffs carry earworm qualities during “Random Words” and “Before the Drowning”, churning in a mid-tempo cauldron with slightly speedier transitions, keeping the eyes on the collective prize in specific melodic lead breaks or groove-induced instrumental sequences. The tribal-like drumming from Luana Diniz that opens “Slaves of Society” soon transforms into a frantic seesaw arrangement between all-out thrash and alternative, almost doom-ish parts, the main lead break passage featuring emotive work that rivals a mix of classic Sepultura and Megadeth. Emphasis on strong riffs and solid rhythm support to bolster the melodic factor comes in throughout the record – you can tell these ladies love the work of Judas Priest and Saxon as much as they love their thrash and extreme metal, as “No Hope Inside” and the steamrolling title cut (with its slight Bolt Thrower-esque stomp) illustrate. Wisely using recording, mixing, and mastering help from musicians who’ve worked with Nervosa and Destruction ensures a solid sound, very important to make an impact in a scene flooded with product.

Natural improvement needs to take shape in terms of Renata’s main vocals – she is more of a rhythmic shouter and semi-growler, mirroring the riffs she delivers without a distinct voice that allows her to stand out. Potential to grow though puts The Damnnation with Way of Perdition in the possible diamond in the rough category.

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