ReviewsTengger Cavalry – Die on My Ride (M-Theory Audio)

Tengger Cavalry – Die on My Ride (M-Theory Audio)

Continuing their upword trend in visibility due to their unique take on combining heavy metal with traditional Mongolian folk instrumentation, Tengger Cavalry thrust forward with their latest effort, Die on My Ride. The prolific band has generated 11 full-length efforts alone since 2010 (not even counting the bounty of additional smaller releases), so it seems only logical that they’ve decided to switch up their game for this latest release.

Where many of their previous releases (particularly the earlier ones) could be more traditionally folk metal, Die on My Ride veers the band into more alternative/modern metal territory. Some may be taken aback by that statement, but the band still keeps to a unique formula that’s rooted in their essence. That essence being the use of traditional Mongolian instruments (fiddle, flute, and guitar) and throat singing of course. Both of which are the stars of the album, intermixing with metallic elements on heavier tracks like the thundering “Frontline” and “Cursed.” More melodic cuts use some clean singing as well, such as “Independence Day” and the title track, yet retain a more metallic lining. Things shift with other tracks, such as the gentle and more folk-driven “To the Sky” and make a further departure with the more electronic bouts infused into “Ashley” and “Me Against Me.” The amount of diversity within the album is duly noted, and does keep you on your toes (particularly the last two tracks mentioned). Regardless of the approach, you can count on the folk instrumentation to provide a beautiful backdrop to keep you enthralled.

An album that will not be for everybody (particularly the throat singing), Tengger Cavalry have taken a step towards infusing their trademarked sound with a more broad perspective. The traditional instruments effectively blend with the heavier riffs in a way that balances both sides of the equation (even if they both take to the front at different points), and makes Die on My Ride an intriguing listen for those who want something a bit more outside the box.

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