ReviewsTemperance – Of Jupiter and Moons (Scarlet Records)

Temperance – Of Jupiter and Moons (Scarlet Records)

Shock hits the system when member changes occur in our favorite bands. The vocal slot often gets the toughest critique – as people wonder if this will change the style, output, or even band chemistry dynamic to the point where things are not recognizable. Modern metal band Temperance face that issue with their fourth studio album Of Jupiter and Moons – as previous vocalist Chiara Tricarico steps away, allowing two new members to enter the fold in Alessia Scolletti and Michele Guaitoli (the latter doubling on keyboards). Fret not though, because the quintet now has that added harmonic balance along with multiple voice perspectives to expand on an already jubilant, potent platform that should keep the steady faithful Temperance followers satisfied.

Guitarist Marco Pastorino ensures a heavier edge to the proceedings that keep the band in that metal mold, listen to his captivating chord structures and developed sense of power and clean contrast during highlights like “Way Back Home” and the title cut. Uplifting, playful keyboard notes give “We Are Free” a Helloween meets Battle Beast-ish buoyance, although the speedier double kick and guitar licks at times boost the weight of this otherwise catchy arrangement. Old school pipe organ tones infiltrate “The Art of Believing”, one of those cuts where Alessia is able to showcase more of her bluesy range and hit some screen shattering falsettos as well to the delight of all. The modern side comes out in specific groove sequences where the tempo, keyboards, and down-tuned guitar become as one, melding into this hypnotic state of mind for “Way Back Home” and the forceful opener “The Last Hope in A World of Hopes” to become pinnacle moments for maximum retention.

It’s so difficult to place one specific label on the band – at times they are gothic, other times power metal, often symphonic, but at their core approaching their music from a modern context while thinking of the song first mentality. The flourishes and diversity because of three distinct vocalists within the band (two male, one female) make Of Jupiter and Moons an exciting, catchy album front to back. Temperance provide another reason for deeper investigation into the Italian symphonic/modern metal landscape, as their output rivals the best bands from Dutch or Scandinavian territories.

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