Tarnkappe – Tussen Hun En De Zon (Hammerheart Records)

Sunday, 28th September 2014
Rating: 8/10

For some reason there’s been a number of bands re-recording and re-releasing old demos lately. Can’t they just do it right the first time and move on? Not to say this isn’t a good album. Dutch black metal maestros Tarnkappe are quick when it comes to getting their stuff on record. Their first official full-length, Tussen Hun En De Zon, will be their third release since 2013. Putting out a demo, a split and a full-length (even if it’s a duplicate of the demo) all within the same year is pretty impressive, especially considering these are damn good tunes. We don’t receive a whole lot from the Dutch metal scene so it’s safe to say we expect a lot of from bands who do come out of their caves.

Apparently all it took to record this album was three metallers and a small cabin crammed with instruments and recording equipment out in the snowy mountains of nowhereland, Netherlands. That’s how black metal is supposed to be, is it not? You can really hear the crisp cold and isolated attitude in the music. The soul-stimulating riffs in tracks like “Kraft Der Vernichtung” create a darkened groovy and melodic mood, the tremolo of which is inciting and the tones throughout are idyllic. “Rouwmantel” most potent and robust characteristic is the obscure, gloomy vocal technique. All the tracks have the same organic, spacious and bleak sounds that make the soul crave black metal. Between the high energy and elated spirit of “Kaalslag” and the calming atmosphere of “Wouddwalen,” the LP is worth getting over the CD because the album just wouldn’t be the same without those two bonus tracks.

So maybe it was wise to redo this demo. Still, all we can say is that it better be an omen of something fresh and at least as good in the near future. Best keep a close watch out for these guys because they do have a great sound and are very eloquent about their music. As far as influence, Tarnakappe stick to their roots and are recommended for fans of Burzum, Darkthrone and Gorgoroth.

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