ReviewsSunburst – Manifesto (Inner Wound Recordings)

Sunburst – Manifesto (Inner Wound Recordings)

Almost a decade ago is when I first checked out Sunburst, a Greek power/progressive metal outfit that started in 2010. Everything about this band and their debut album Fragments of Creation hit me like a two-ton heavy thing and I was enthralled from first note to last. So, you can imagine how excited I was to get the new album Manifesto as they continue to be a part of the strong Inner Wound Recordings roster, in my greedy little hands. Vocalist Vasilis Georgiou is simply lights out as far as a singer. And guitarist Gus Drax continues to make a case through his solid skillset as to why he belongs on today’s Mt. Olympus of axemen.

Case in point is the fantastic track “Samaritan”, with a groove that can stomp out a Texas tornado courtesy of the drum/bass tandem of Kostas Milonas and Nick Grey. “Perpetual Descent” starts out almost hauntingly beautiful, then goes nuts in the kind of fashion you don’t wanna tell your parents about.”Inimicus Intus” is basically your all-around ass kicker, while “Hollow Lies” is a simple reminder that this band can still fuck your shit up, and don’t you forget it. The title track is one of the record’s best songs, with every member swinging for the fences, connecting beautifully.

All told, Sunburst have done it again with sophomore album Manifesto. Considering the long wait between records at eight years, I just hope the next record comes sooner rather than later.

Standout Tracks: All of them!

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9.5 / 10