Suicidal Tendencies – 13 (Suicidal)

Friday, 31st May 2013
Rating: 7.5/10

Old-time recollections of Suicidal Tendencies for this scribe include a 1993 radio spot for the band’s Still Cyco After All These Years, where shouts proclaimed “If you ain’t Suicidal, you ain’t shit!” Imagine how that wracked the brain of an 11 year-old. Furthermore, ST was afforded a coveted opening spot on Metallica’s 1994 summer tour, a show that yours truly was in attendance for. Once the band completed their set, lead singer Mike Muir wandered into the capacity Star Lake Amphitheater crowd and proceeded to shake hands with everyone in sight, including the dude standing right next to me. We’re nostalgic, and apparently so is Suicidal for the release of their new album, 13.

Barring the fact it bears the same name as Black Sabbath’s forthcoming new album (click here for a rundown of albums with the number 13 in them), 13 stylistically, is everything you’d expect from a ST record. Muir raps and sings, probably better than anyone should at his age. He’s still a tad comical (“Slam City,” “This Ain’t A Celebration”), but wholly engaging, like on opening cut “Shake It Out.” The grooves are uh, infectious (had to throw that in there), while the chorus is hummable as can be.

Crossover is all over this thing. The funk on “Make Your Stand” is happening, the thrash punk is there on “Cyco Style,” while the pre-requisite call-to-arms of unity and brotherhood comes via “Living the Fight” and “Life…(“Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It”). Poet-laureate Muir is not, but the man knows how to stick by his convictions, even though now, he’s asking for a Diet Pepsi as opposed to a regular, Robert Trujillio is cashing million dollar checks, and funky crossover metal couldn’t be more uncool. Like Muir really cares.

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