Sonic Pulse – Adventure Metal (Self Released)

Tuesday, 27th January 2015
Rating: 8.5/10

A lineup shift of massive proportions signals a new edition of Massachusetts power/progressive party thrash act Sonic Pulse on this latest release Adventure Metal. Guitarist Mick Mayer is now doubling up on vocals, Nick Petrino is the second guitarist and Sam Peterson is their new bassist – so everyone I’m sure is curious how the band’s style has developed in the interim. Fret not, Sonic Pulse fans – as this 3 song EP should allow listeners to continue their head banging, party-going ways with their favorite quartet.

Sonic Pulse is an act that profess as much an affinity for Dragonforce and Gamma Ray as they do for older Rust in Peace era Megadeth or any era of Children of Bodom. Mayer and Petrino throw down a bevy of harmonic tricks and solid licks, both exemplary and well-schooled on the art of dazzling musicianship. The 3 songs deliver almost 18 minutes of entertainment, and they display an immediate sense of humor within song titles like “The Breast of Both Worlds” and 8 minute plus closer “Jerkoffagus”. Lines like ‘We’ve got the guts, we’ve got the glory/We’ve got the speed, we’ve got the fury’ from “Defenders of the Good Times” beg for audience involvement, and the band wouldn’t want things any other way.

Mick’s main vocal delivery has a little bit more speed and grit to the proceedings, adding that to thrash attack as if melding the best of European singers like Schmier and US vocalists like Zetro, ready to unleash on any unsuspecting consumer in a flash. Sam doesn’t remain in the background – check out his up front, Steve Harris-like moments during the concluding riff action of “Jerkoffagus”, where Petrino and Mayer pay homage to the best Murray/Smith Maiden days during their 1980’s headlining arena runs. Sonic Pulse maintain a level of street credibility in their main riffing preferences amidst all the guitar runs and synchronized harmonization – which helps opener “Defenders of the Good Times” gain instant appeal, especially the Municipal Waste style main to gang background vocal action that takes place against a number of Dragonforce meets Gamma Ray type guitar salvos.

Plenty to wrap your head around as the band hopes to release their next full-length at some point in 2015 as well. Adventure Metal should satisfy your party power/progressive thrash thirst, as Sonic Pulse fire away an interesting (and very entertaining) metal concoction here.

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