Sleeping Pulse – Under the Same Sky (Prophecy Productions)

Sunday, 16th November 2014
Rating: 8/10

Antimatter fans take heed; Sleeping Pulse is a two-man project of Luis Fazendeiro and of course, Mick Moss. Fazendeiro provides the instrumentation, Moss provides the lyrics and vocals. There is a grouping of metal fans that have kept close tabs on Anathema and Antimatter despite the non-metal leanings of both groups and that sub sect will be keen to follow Sleeping Pulse as well.

Most know of Moss due to his involvement with Antimatter, and Sleeping Pulse truthfully doesn’t extend too far outside of the realms of said band. Most of these tracks follow the patterns of darker rock, skirting some the flirtations that Anitmatter has had with electronic influences from time to time (you will find some of these atmospheric, electronic influences in a few songs though). Moss’ vocals are the clear and rightful centerpiece to these compositions, and he carries them with the usual combination of emotion and gruff power. From the brooding “Gagging Order” to the more poignant feeling of “The Puppeteer,” Under the Same Sky features some of Moss’ strongest vocals to date. Fazendeiro does a nice job of applying subtle moods to the background. From the minimal “The Blind Lead The Blind,” which builds in some effective strings in the quiet chorus, to the more rocking “Foreign Body” and “Noose,” there are some catchy moments to be had.

For those looking for a break from heavier moments, Under the Same Sky has all the right stuff. Thought-provoking lyrics, emotive vocals, and somber melodies all usher in the hope that this isn’t a one-off project. A must hear for fans of Antimatter or Anathema.

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