Skeletal Remains – The Entombment of Chaos (Century Media)

Monday, 7th September 2020
Rating: 8.5/10

Having made a steady rise in over the course of three previous full-lengths, Skeletal Remains has been championed as one of the old school death metal bands to keep an eye on. What makes them special? For starters, they don’t have that ‘just another old school band’ vibe when you hear the music. It’s hungry, it’s angry, and it demands attention. Something that the band’s latest album, The Entombment of Chaos, excels in.

One never gets that ‘old school death metal’ vibe when listening to The Entombment of Chaos. Instead, there’s a more timeless vibe to it. Like they are one of the veteran bands that the newer crop attempts to emulate. The guitar tone is utterly massive, and it bites with venom. It’s a crucial piece in Skeletal Remains’ sound, as they frequently rally with mid-tempo assaults that crunch with energy (“Congregation of Flesh” is a genuine stomper). There’s plenty of variety to the tempos too, and they can hit the high speed button or slow things down into ominous territory as needed. Perhaps that’s the most important part of Skeletal Remains as a whole – their songwriting. There’s a lot going on. Sure, it’s death metal and it’s not the uber-tech brand, but the melodies always catch the ear without diluting the aggression that’s present (acting more as an added treat instead) and the driving riffs practically call out to you to pay attention to them. There’s an immediacy to their pummeling formula, and it doesn’t grow stale after a few listens.

Skeletal Remains has justly won over many a death metal fan with their thrilling approach to the genre. Instead of mere imitation, the band has successfully absorbed the primal brutality of the ‘90s and brought it up to the current gen standards. The Entombment of Chaos has exactly what death metal fans crave – throttling heaviness and intelligent songwriting. A deadly combination.

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