Shining – One One One (Prosthetic Records)

Thursday, 9th May 2013
Rating: 8.5/10

Whew, three years removed from the exhausting Blackjazz and the Norwegian Shining returns to the fold with a vengeance. The jazz/industrial/metal/holyshitwhat’shappening amalgamation that was Blackjazz is still very much at the core of what One One One is as a work. The difference, however, lies in the execution, and this time around instead of multi-part and ever-shifting 5-10 minute monstrosities that pushed the limits of artist and listener alike, the compositions here are tightly wound and trimmed of all conceivable fat. Think of One One One as Blackjazz II: Blackjazz’n’Roll.

The results are fantastic, case in point opener “I Won’t Forget”, a 4 minute piece of clashing electronics, metallic indulgences, spastic jazz freakouts, and even something resembling a chorus. It sets the stage as a model and most all of what follows are variations on this theme: all of the elements that made Blackjazz such an enthralling listen (…for some of us) but stripped back for single serving listens on the go, case in point mid-point giant “Blackjazz Rebels”.

Different moods do emerge, however. Jazz elements feature more pervasively on some songs, saxophone reigning supreme on “One One One” while metallic elements come to the fore on others, the breakout on “The One Inside” likely to be a live staple in the years ahead (seriously, it’s fuckin’ monstrous). Throughout the 40ish minute runtime of One One One it’s difficult not to feel giddy with it all. All the best elements of what made industrial driven metal such a draw in the early 90s is at the forefront here, though with the playing chops notably amped and blown out of the water with the jazz elements and super focused structures.

Even if you didn’t care for Blackjazz, you owe it to yourself to give One One One a shot, as it may surprise you. For anyone who enjoyed Blackjazz, this is a no brainer. A casual listen of “The Hurting Game” will tell you everything you need to know. Do not miss.

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