Serdce – Timelessness (Blood Music)

Thursday, 19th June 2014
Rating: 8/10

Score another Bandcamp win with Serdce’s lastest release, Timelessness.  Scouring the site for some new stuff for next month’s Bandcamp article, Timelessness stood out as an album that couldn’t just be relegated to a mini-review.  Despite the fact that this is Serdce’s fourth album (and first since 2009), it almost seems like the band has fallen out of nowhere to grace us with their presence.

While many bands like to describe themselves as “progressive,” Serdce is very much the epitome of progressive.  To dabble in the “sounds like” game, Serdce takes elements from bands such as Cynic, Atheist, Coroner, Meshuggah, Between the Buried and Me, and even the Devin Townsend Project.  Phew!  Now that we can move on, it should be noted that Serdce’s form of death metal is more introspective than aggressive (though there are a few moments on “Samadhi” and “The Sixth Sense”).  Don’t go in thinking you’ll get much of an adrenaline rush.  With the infusion of sounds such as saxophone and jazz, clean vocals galore, pianos, and some odd synths, Serdce successfully achieve a sound that is all their own with plenty of atmosphere.  It’s due to all of these changing elements that allow Timlessness to run for over an hour with no mental exhaustion on the part of the listener.  While some may not go for the style of clean vocals that permeate the album, they are no less fitting with the band’s more avant-garde styled sound.

Serdce are rapidly growing some buzz as of late, and for good reason.  Their inventively creative take on progressive death metal separates them from the pack in terms of their skill and prowess.  While there might be just one or two spots that have a bit of a slightly jarring transition, it’s no reason for anyone to dismiss it.  A total no-brainer for any Cynic fan.

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