ReviewsSentient Ignition – Enthroned in Gray (Self-Released)

Sentient Ignition – Enthroned in Gray (Self-Released)

First popping up last year on Bandcamp with a particularly strong demo release, the California-based progressive death metal act Sentient Ignition have reappeared with their first full-length. Those exposed to the demo came away impressed, and those just coming over to the band for this first full dip in the pond are bound to be even more stunned.

Tough to really nail where Sentient Ignition really falls within the death metal spectrum, but that’s perfectly okay. There’s melodic and progressive structures, some more intricate tech flourishes, and a wide vocal diversity to dive into. Basically, they took the demo (of which both songs also appear here) and decided to take it to the next level. One wants to toss an Allegaeon or Son of Aurelius reference onto this, and while it really doesn’t cover all the bases it’s a start. “Grasp of the Infinite” comes across as a good starting point for those looking to get a quick impression. There’s some hooky yet complex riff structures that make up the bulk of the track, with soaring leadwork and a number of varied tempos that keep the roughly 7-minute track moving at all times. Which brings up another point, as songs hover between 6-8 minutes, and never is there a dull moment. Busy riff structures never feel too busy, and the time allows everything to come into place. To quickly bring up the vocals once more, It can’t be overstated how much variety sits in a single track, such as standout “Wardens of Intellect,” from cleans to growls – it’s an impressive display of vocals to be absorbed.

Sentient Ignition position themselves as future genre leaders as word begins to travel around about them. Catchy, brutal, progressive…no matter your taste in death metal, Enthroned in Gray should appeal at some level and stick with you. They are in need of a label to scoop them up quick!

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