Second to Sun – The Walk (Self-Released)

Wednesday, 21st November 2018
Rating: 8/10

Talk about one hell of a turn-around. Second to Sun just released their last full-length record back in May, and now here we are already talking about its successor in November (though admittedly they only put vocals onto an existing release for The Black, but it’s still impressive). The Walk is the band’s third album to date, and sees them continuing to sharpen their edges and evolve their sound into something unique within the black metal landscape.

If there’s anything to be said for The Walk in comparison to its predecessor, it’s a more bleak and cold affair. The almost modern metal tones that were indicative of groove metal aren’t quite as heavy and menacing, instead replaced with something that is more gloomy and icy. Thankfully, the feeling and tone still sits with the band (see “The Train 1702”) and allows them to keep a distinctive element that’s uniquely their own. Together with the sullen atmosphere some tracks provide (“The Owls”), Second to Sun are moving in a direction that feels more varied and impactful – there’s always something to be said for a build-up that takes a few minutes and then delivers in full on payoff. They make the grooves work, even in a lumbering pacing (“To Live” or “Black Lines”) and the catchiness that is there gives them yet another facet that straight-up black metal bands often lack in.

Second to Sun have now managed to deliver two strong and unique releases here in 2018. A solid step up from The Black, The Walk further diversifies the band’s sound with even darker and colder edges that fit perfectly into the current season, while keeping the pieces that gave them a more unique feel to begin with. Quality stuff for those who like a little bit of fresh flavor injected into the black metal format.

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