ReviewsRumahoy – The Triumph of Piracy (Napalm)

Rumahoy – The Triumph of Piracy (Napalm)

At first glance, there’s no doubt that the cynicism meter is going to go off the charts for a band like Rumahoy. A pirate themed band on Napalm Records, after all, will immediately draw comparisons to that of Alestorm (not to mention the North Carolina locale and veiled identities). While it may be an uphill battle for Rumahoy at the start, it’s very clear that they are here to crank up the fun factor and will no doubt win over the legions.

Though it may seem obvious, tongue in cheek is the definitive route of Rumahoy’s music. Those looking for an intellectual and sophisticated experience are best left at the door (why would they listen to something from a band called Rumahoy to start?). From the frequent use of “Yarr” and “Ahoy,” to the occasional dance-beats, to talk of questing and sailing on the sea – this is music meant to amuse and entertain. It’s downright challenging to listen to a song like “The Haitian Slam” or “Forest Party” and not want to grab a drink and dance a jig. Slower cuts like “Netflix and Yarr” are certifiable ‘raise your glass’ type sing-a-longs, with the speed metal-esque “Kill the Trolls” is bound to charge up your energy level while reminding you that despite the inherent silliness, there’s very solid musicianship to back it up. Rollicking solos (see the title track) further this notion, as does the infectious riffing that underlies tracks like “Quest for Heritage.” But above all else, it’s all about fun with Rumahoy. The folky and upbeat synths reach a fever pitch by “Pirateship” – a cut that seems to represent the band well. A perfect balance of outright goofiness and infectious songwriting that overcomes it’s absurdity by burrowing it’s way into your brain and never letting go.

The Triumph of Piracy does cater itself to the folk/pirate metal crowd, but it’s worth its weight in plundered gold for those that have even an inkling of interest in the matter. Unadulterated fun that will bring out your inner Blackbeard.

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