Rings of Saturn – Gidim (Nuclear Blast)

Wednesday, 23rd October 2019
Rating: 6/10

One of those bands that people tend to put into the love or hate category, there’s no doubt that the band has more or less stuck to their guns. They more or less exploded due to the technical craziness that they displayed, and while it was then mixed with a bevy of breakdowns (and core-ish clichés), they’ve trimmed that section of the band down. Something that has continued with Gidim, but unfortunately they tend to be hung up by much of the same trappings from the past.

Much like 2017’s Ultu Ulla, much of the breakdown related fare isn’t as excessive as it used to be (but still does exist in spots, such as “Face of the Wormhole” or “Bloated and Stiff”), and the band seems set in trying to involve more melodic riffing and memorability into each track. It does work for the band when they hit it with everything they have, such as “The Husk.” But where the band falls flat is that of the good ole ‘aliencore’ riffing that they utilize. It (like usual) feels more clinical and cold than anything else. It’s impressive on a technical level, but feels like a flurry of notes just strung together for the sake of being technical. It’s played at hyperspeed, and many times, those speed runs end up feeling much like the same thing over and over again – it blurs their individuality, and with the amount that they get used, ends up making the album feel more redundant than it should.

At this point, with five albums under their belt, you basically know what is coming at you with a new Rings of Saturn. They have established their fanbase over the decade, and play to that end. If you’ve enjoyed their mix of technical riffing and deathcore, you are bound to enjoy Gidim. But those seeking something more aren’t going to find it here. With the sterile sound of much of the music (especially at top speed), there’s just stronger examples to be found out there today.

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