Retortion Terror/Invidiosus – Split (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

Tuesday, 24th October 2017
Rating: 7.5/10

Always nice to hit up a split release every now and again. This time, the newcomers Retortion Terror (who feature Gridlink guitarist Takafumi Matsubara in their otherwise mysterious ranks) square off with Minnesota’s Invidiosus, whose extreme metal qualities are always a little bit different with each offering. The result is a grindy, whirlwind of an EP that should leave fans of either party satisfied.

Retortion Terror delivers the first five tracks on the split. Hosting Matsubara’s first material following recovery from a brain infection, comparisons to Gridlink are inevitable. While Retortion Terror have a more traditional grind feel than said act, Matsubara’s riff-writing is just as crazed and frantic as were he left off. The 5 cuts in 5-minutes approach offers plenty of bang for your buck – frequently exploding into high speed antics and frantic shrieks atop the blasting drums and fiery riffing. Pick of the litter here being “Scorched,” where some lighter, groovier moments are in place, allowing for a shred of melody to enter.

It’s easy to tell when Invidiosus takes things over, as their version of grind has more death metal blood running through it. Plenty of deathly bellows in addition to higher rasps, with moments of hefty grooves finding their place among the intense speed and blastbeats. Despite four of the five tracks sitting comfortably around 1-minute in length, what is surprising is how they still find some melody within the timeframe. It’s as intense as all get-out, but between some catchy riffs and rumbling bass lines, there’s plenty to keep your mind occupied. The pick for this side of the split would be “From the 16th floor,” which uses a catchy, spiraling riff to engage you, along with a wicked solo to spice things up.

Bound to draw some attention within the grind scene due to Matsubara’s return, Retortion Terror prove worth checking out further. Likewise, Invidiosus continue to grow and evolve their sound, while keeping extremity in mind. A win-win split for grind fans.

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