ReviewsRequiem’s Embrace – Nightmares and Fairytales (Sleaszy Rider Records)

Requiem’s Embrace – Nightmares and Fairytales (Sleaszy Rider Records)

Once musicians gain some experience in the scene, it’s natural for them to network, maintain friendships, and expand horizons into new outfits as time passes by. Italian sextet Requiem’s Embrace consists of personnel who have played in acts like Kaledon, Imperial Age, Hellucination, and the Vivaldi Metal Project among others. Signing a deal with Sleaszy Rider Records, the band premieres a quick hitting three song debut EP for Nightmares and Fairytales that sits in familiar symphonic power metal territory, choosing to be very focused on compact, melodic-oriented material that doesn’t stray far from the European style formulas that put this music on the map decades before.

Possessing a dual guitar lineup allows the band to emphasize broader sonic textures next to the layers of keyboard parts present – yet there’s an obvious nod to allow Eleonora Damiano free reign for some sultry melodies that contain aspects of rock, pop, and metal inflections. Gothic strains along with some heroic lead break action takes “Lady Foxglove” into that instant opener appeal status – Fabio Bernardi weaving in some pomp-styled keyboards to the mix as a difference maker. “Scarlet Meadows” contains a lot of the double kick, uplifting musical foundation one expects in a power metal song, although the verses settle into a bit more of a conservative, traditional pace before the musical energy takes an upswing during the chorus. “Nightmares” closes this brief EP, the background vocal harmonies and progressive nature to the arrangement showcasing more sides to the band’s symphonic power metal foundation, another stellar axe solo provides the aural cherry on top of this commendable track. One hopes in the future the group will spend a little more time on the production side of things – there’s a flatness to the drum kit tones (specifically on the snare / kick) that seems to render the sound closer to demo than label status.

Leaning more to the commercial, compact side of things (all the songs sitting in that four minutes and change time frame), Requiem’s Embrace have similar tendencies that may remind others of Edenbridge or Amberian Dawn through Nightmares and Fairytales. An adequate starter that hopefully sets a stronger scene through the next recording.

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7 / 10