Rapture – Crimes Against Humanity (Witches Brew)

Thursday, 5th November 2015
Rating: 8/10

Eleven different entries from across the globe pop up when entering Rapture in the old Metal Archives search engine – guess this bodes well for name differentiation doesn’t it? Hailing from Athens, Greece, this particular Rapture arose in 2012, releasing two EP’s in two years prior to this full-length debut for German label Witches Brew. The four-piece profess a love for the thrash/death crossover movement that penetrated the scene during the 1988-1993 period, where ardent followers remember Dark Angel, Demolition Hammer, and Sadus rising up the underground ranks.

The death elements come in on more of a doom-sided scale, as the opening riffs for “Laboratories of Infection” and “Suicidal Cannibalism” lob out slow, evil tombs that cascade from an Asphyx/Obituary precipice, where Apostolos Papadimitriou and Nikitas Melios prove they aren’t one trick speed trill demons. Occasionally flashing a little bit more of a punk-tinge to the thrash and bash template allows the rhythm section an opportunity to amplify their energy level, while the transitions throughout present impeccable timing sensibilities, especially on the bee swarming “Born Dead”. Psychology, crime, horror, and death/destruction appear to be Rapture’s preferred word topics, standard given the intensity of the music on display for “Borderline Disorder” and “Sadistic Shredding of Flesh”.

Apostolos doubles as the vocalist, and his raspy, rapid fire delivery has a lot of that crossover appeal that can be part Mustaine-like, part Nuclear Assault. Gang background vocals shout out certain sections for added dynamic emphasis, but Rapture’s standard modus operandi is pushing the accelerator in all facets to the floor – even if the lead break is manic and whammy bar heavy, or mirroring a famous artist occurs in small shades (enter “Black Magic” riff for Slayer and interchange the first 21 seconds of “As Darkness Falls” here).

Suicidal Angels gain the lion’s share of attention of the recent Greek thrash bands (larger tour exposure always helps), so Rapture with Crimes against Humanity ideally slot in to those followers that desire a band who think organically, execute energetically, and pay no mind to commercial aspirations.

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