Rapheumet’s Well – Enders Door (Test Your Metal Records)

Thursday, 4th May 2017
Rating: 8/10

Just over a year ago at this point, Rapheumet’s Well released their second album, The Exile. Symphonic extreme metal with some promise. While it stayed close to the standard faire, it was nonetheless an enjoyable release that those into Septicflesh or Fleshgod Apocalypse could easily sink their teeth into. Enders Door continues in the same direction, with some leaps in some areas that shows growth.

The band continues to be immersed by sci-fi and fantasy themes, and it does their sound justice. The two bands already mentioned give a good indication of Rapheumet’s Well’s overall sound, striking a balance between grand symphonies and unrestrained metallic assault. Both sides have been given a slight facelift for this third album, with the symphonic pieces having a larger flair added to them, causing them to be more immersive and gripping. Likewise, some female singing has also been implemented in these spots, garnering some added diversity without being overly reliant upon them to carry a song. Much of this is due to the heavier side of the band, which benefits from a stronger production and no shortage of in-your-face riffs (see the title track) that generate energy and interest, even when coupled with the bombastic keys in the background. Indeed, it’s the usual marriage of beauty and the beast at play, but the band works it like a charm. The type of release that works best as a front-to-back listen, the strongest compliment that can be given is how Enders Door remains intriguing and engaging with it’s extensive one hour runtime.

The best symphonic metal albums understand the balance between the synths and the rest of the band, and Enders Door possesses that necessary element. Enders Door can also take you on a journey, offering a fantastic trip into unknown lands, which helps keep you on your toes. Most importantly, it lives up to the potential hinted at with The Exile, and should be an easy sell for fans of this style.

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