Quantum Hierarchy – Neutron Breed (Everlasting Spew Records)

Wednesday, 4th April 2018
Rating: 7.5/10

Italian death metal always seems to have a certain tenacity to it. They can play at lightning speeds and still keep your interest. While Quantum Hierarchy’s first EP may have a more international feel to it, sonically, it’s still in that same construct. Neutron Breed is visceral and brutal above all, yet it’s not easily forgotten.

An emphasis on explosive speed backed with some monster grooves when needed, Neutron Breed is one of those ‘take your breath away’ type releases with its sheer tenacity. At a mere 10-minutes, it’s perfectly capable of pulling this off – the band has time on their side and can simply hit the pedal to the metal and go. But the use of groove is also much appreciated, and keeps the album grounded and manageable. It’s also suitably dark in tone; while there’s some technicality to the riffing, it never goes for the stale and lifeless production qualities one tends to associate with the genre. This is menacing material (just listen to the carnage radiate from the opening of “Mausoleum of Eternal Absence”) that revels in its own darkness. If something comes to mind, it’s that of Myrkskog and their ability to produce hefty riffing while maintaining some otherwise blistering speed.

With it being a bit on the short side, Neutron Breed does leave the listener yearning for more. But truly, that does speed to the strong nature of the material at hand. Sure, it’s death metal (and the type that’s happy to be simply classified as such) but it’s so well-done that you can’t help but wonder what Quantum Hierarchy is going to do with a full-length release at their side.

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