Pyrexia – Gravitas Maximus (Unique Leader)

Wednesday, 8th December 2021
Rating: 7.5/10

Long-standing NYDM act Pyrexia has been more consistent in releasing material since their 2007 comeback in Age of the Wicked.  But somehow they have avoided the same level of attention given their peers such as Suffocation and Internal Bleeding, born of the same scene.  Gravitas Maximus fixes the production issue of their last album (Unholy Requiem), and provides the rumbling, abrasive slab of death metal that genre fans are looking for, even if it doesn’t exactly come across as revolutionary.

Just like their last album, Gravitas Maximus is a tight, 25-minutes that are absolutely packed with brutality.  The runtime gives them the advantage that they can offer no rest for the listener and it avoids becoming a fatiguing experience, particularly with the level of brutal death that the band is happy to dish out.  Driving, to the point battering rams of tracks, like “Pawn to King,” really leverage this to all it’s worth and will give you a serious beating before they end.  That’s not to say that more groove-heavy cuts like “Rule of 2” are any less deadly, but you feel the weight of the track differently, and this chunky mid-tempo rollout is helpful in not allowing the album to become an all-out blur of annihilation.  The sound of the album this time feels significantly better, providing those nostalgic ‘90s brutal vibes without sounding too grimy – you can really feel the riffing this time, and it provides a much more enjoyable experience.

Gravitas Maximus is traditional NYDM done right.  It packs an incredible punch for those seeking that sort of thing, and never outstays its welcome.  Catchy grooves and full steam ahead aggression – exactly what the genre demands.

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