Beyond Grace – Our Kingdom Undone (Prosthetic)

The UK’s Beyond Grace made a lasting impression a few years back with their first full-length, Seekers.  A death metal album that captured both ferocity and intelligence, both musically and lyrically, Read more […]

Infex – Burning in Exile (Self-Released)

Growing up in California with a steady diet of early thrash, Infex arose in 2010 intent on putting their own stamp on things. Solidifying their first lineup in 2012 prior to releasing the debut Circle Read more […]

Lower 13 – Embrace the Unknown (Pure Steel Records)

Infusing a mixture of classic power/true metal influences with a bit of modern aggression and melodic finesse, Lower 13 hail from a fervent Cleveland metal scene, releasing three studio albums to date Read more […]

Act of Denial – Negative (Crusader Records)

Melodic death metal with Bjorn Strid on vocals.  That’s generally all it takes to pique this scribe’s interest.  Strid is just such a natural fit to aggressive and energetic melodic death metal that Read more […]

Prestige – Reveal the Ravage (Massacre Records)

Resurrecting after a late 80’s/early 90’s initial run that included three albums, Prestige is a part of a burgeoning Finnish thrash movement that contained acts like Stone, Airdash, and National Napalm Read more […]

The Night Flight Orchestra – Aeromantic II (Nuclear Blast)

What else can really be said about the prolific retro rockers of The Night Flight Orchestra?  Their ability to produce addictive classic rock hits on an almost annual basis is uncanny, particularly with Read more […]

Killing – Face the Madness (Mighty Music)

We often idolize what initially grabs us as teenagers – hopeful to churn out something similar when picking up instruments and seriously working at our craft. Such is the case with Danish thrash band Read more […]

Sepultura – Sepulquarta (Nuclear Blast)

Creating a weekly series of social media gatherings to pass the time due to lack of touring, Sepultura ended up developing an interesting format that kept fans engaged while also creating some unique opportunities Read more […]

Phinehas – The Fire Itself (Solid State)

With four previous albums in their catalog, including 2017’s Black Flag, Phinehas have been laying down the metalcore foundation for over a decade. While a few years have passed, Phinehas returns with Read more […]

Ex Deo – The Thirteen Years of Nero (Napalm)

2017’s The Immortal Wars seemed to be a real turning point for Ex Deo. While their first two releases were solid, it didn’t have that epic scope and narrative that The Immortal Wars really captured. Read more […]

Mordred – The Dark Parade (M-Theory Audio)

Pioneers of the funk/thrash combination style during the late 80’s/early 90’s, Mordred stuck out in the Bay Area through the employment of keyboardist/ deejay Aaron ‘DJ Pause’ Vaughn and vocalist Read more […]

Jinjer – Wallflowers (Napalm)

Not willing to risk lose their rising momentum while being at the mercy of the pandemic, Jinjer returns after their double-release year in 2019 (Macro and Micro) with their new full-length Wallflowers. Read more […]

Vandor – On A Moonlit Night (Scarlet Records)

Impressing right out of the gate in 2019 with a self-released debut for In the Land of Vandor, Swedish power metal troop Vandor signed with Scarlet Records and issued a follow-up for On a Moonlit Night. Read more […]

Venues – Solace (Arising Empire)

With the injection of new members, there comes with it a greater chance to experiment with a band’s sound – particularly when the band in question only has one full-length to their name. After losing Read more […]

Amnessia Eterna – Malditos (Brutal Records)

Even in old tried and true genres, sometimes less is more to get to the point of idea execution. Such is the case for Amnessia Eterna, a Chilean act who on this album Malditos live for the purity and aggressive Read more […]

Enemy Inside – Seven (Rock of Angels Records)

Enemy Inside’s debut, 2018’s Phoenix, was one that fell under this scribe’s radar for a solid year or so. But it was a great release that was firmly planted into the modern/alternative metal scene Read more […]

Purple Hearse – Dinner with the Schnabels (Self-Released)

A three-piece outfit from the New Haven, CT area, Purple Hearse certainly have a name that attracts attention from the get go – and hopefully a sound to match. Dinner with the Schnabels is their debut Read more […]

Rivers Ablaze – Devoid Dying Sun (

An experimental progressive extreme metal project led by guitarist Márten Kertész, Rivers Ablaze hail from Hungary and in two short years have released two full-lengths – of which Devoid Dying Sun Read more […]

Ashen – Godless Oath (Bitter Loss Records)

A new death metal act from Australia comprised of some experienced members within the scene, Ashen makes their debut with Godless Oath. Buzzing, thundering death metal that’s pure meat & potatoes for Read more […]

Hyloxalus – Aposematic (Self-Released)

Hailing from Edmonton, Canada, Hyloxalus consists of a duo of musicians with previous work in a variety of technical death, melodic death, power and blackened outfits under their belts. Starting in 2017, Read more […]

Spirit Breaker – Cura Nata (Solid State)

Progressive metalcore act Spirit Breaker released their first full-length four years ago independently in the form of Human Nature. While it’s been a bit since then, the band has returned with their Read more […]

Fleshbore – Embers Gathering (Innerstrength Records)

After an impressive 2017 demo and a follow up EP (Malignancy) in 2018, Fleshbore did some reconfiguring within the band, gaining new vocalist Michael O’Hara and drummer Tyler Mulkey. Releasing a single Read more […]

Archangel A.D. – Casus Belli (Self-Released)

Familiar to this scribe through their 2018 Warband EP, Texas thrashers Archangel A.D. return with their latest full-length Casus Belli. Establishing a sound with noted 80’s-oriented Bay Area riffing Read more […]

Burial in the Sky – The Consumed Self (Rising Nemesis Records)

A band that seems to continue to raise the bar for themselves with each new release, it’s only right that the world continues to take a greater look at Pennsylvania’s Burial in the Sky. The Consumed Read more […]

Purification – The Exterminating Angel (Rafchild Records)

Prolific output comes to mind when looking at the brief history of Oregon doom metal trio Purification. Evolving out of the ashes of heavy/doom/speed outfit Thrown, these musicians have released a demo, Read more […]

Alchemy of Flesh – Ageless Abominations (Redefining Darkness Records)

One man’s worshiping of the Floridian metal scene (read: Morbid Angel) comes to fruition with Ageless Abominations. Alchemy of Flesh is composed solely of the vision of Tim Rowland, and his attention Read more […]

Rebellion – We Are the People (Massacre Records)

Originating after two former Grave Digger members split to start this band in 2001, Rebellion is a German heavy/power metal act very traditional about their approach. Tackling subject matter from Shakespearean Read more […]

Godslave – Positive Aggressive (Metalville)

Active as far back as 2000-07 as Slavery, German thrash act Godslave have a potent, crushing style that is now onto its sixth studio record with Positive Aggressive. Previously releasing records on European Read more […]

Lorna Shore – …And I Return to Nothingness (Century Media)

After a debacle with their former vocalist (who was ousted for allegations of both sexual abuse and racism), Lorna Shore return in 2021 with a new vocalist (Will Ramos) and this EP to give him a proper Read more […]

Temple of Dread – Hades Unleashed (Testimony Records)

Three albums in three years – not the norm in today’s metal scene, but a welcome sight for German death metallers Temple of Dread. Gaining acclaim for their previous two outings Blood Craving Mantras Read more […]

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