END – The Sin of Human Frailty (Closed Casket Activities)

Sometimes it matters not whatever the band description is in terms of its subgenres, so much as just knowing that they are capable of bringing the heavy. The supergroup END proved last time around that Read more […]

Animamortua – Gods Among Us (Underground Symphony Records)

Malta is an island country in Southern Europe, located in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s also the homeland for Animamortua, a five-piece outfit that traverse a power / progressive metal style with elements Read more […]

A Dark Reborn – Last Echo (Art Gates Records)

Contemporary fusions of established metal subgenres have potentially increased the popularity of the genre exponentially. It’s led to the underground (and above) foothold artists like Jinjer, Lorna Shore, Read more […]

Reckless – Sharp Magik Steel (Dying Victims Productions)

The South American metal movement is real, as talent sprouts across multiple genres from these lands. Columbian act Reckless aims to put their name in the ring when it comes to speed metal through this Read more […]

Entierro – The Gates of Hell (Self-Released)

Fusing together the best of stoner, doom, and traditional metal styles, Connecticut’s Entierro has established a reliable presence (and need) for their material in the studio and across the stage. Releasing Read more […]

Game Over – Hellframes (Scarlet Records)

It’s been almost six years between releases for Italian thrashers Game Over – which could seem like an eternity when the quartet previously issued four full-lengths and an EP between 2012-2017. Time Read more […]

Within Temptation – Bleed Out (Force Music Recordings)

One of the biggest symphonic metal bands on the planet, there’s not much of a need to introduce Within Temptation. Even casual fans (as well as non-metal ones) have become quite familiar with the band Read more […]

Kissin’ Black – Veleno (Metalapolis Records)

There’s something special in the waters of Switzerland when it comes to heavy rock/metal over the years. So this scribe’s ears perk up when taking in another band from this country – even if it’s Read more […]

Arborescence of Wrath – Inferno (Transcending Obscurity)

The pandemic certainly gave a lot of artists some time on their hands, and within the quest to fill that time, a number of new projects were formed. Some of those are still on the way to seeing the light Read more […]

Solemn Vision – Despite the Rise of the Sun (Black Lion)

Always happy to check out more melodic death metal, Solemn Vision represents an act that hits closer to home for this scribe. This particular act coming from Brooklyn, NY, it’s one of those cases nowadays Read more […]

Sadistic Force – Midnight Assassin (Goat Throne Records)

Originating in 2020, guitarist/vocalist James Oliver has been very prolific when it comes to releases for Austin, Texas-based blackened speed metal band Sadistic Force. He would release two EP’s with Read more […]

Sulphur Aeon – Seven Crowns and Seven Seals (Ván Records)

For the decade of 2010, it’s difficult to find a band devoted to incredibly high quality death metal than Sulphur Aeon. The trio of albums released since their inception display a confident group who Read more […]

OWDWYR – Receptor (Self-Released)

OWDWYR’s promo description sets it up for some pretty lofty expectations. A merger of death, prog, and grind that is all rooted in a classical core – you know something like that is going to be out of Read more […]

Isiliel – Moonbow Genesis (Setsuzoku Records)

Himari Tsukishiro is a name that most following the Japanese alt-idol scene would be familiar with due to her involvement early on with Bakuon Dolls Syndrome, as well as Necronomidol. The latter being Read more […]

Ural – Psychoverse (Xtreem Music)

Crossover / old school thrash metal has seen a certain uptick resurgence in popularity – as styles do have a cyclic nature from generation to generation. Italian band Ural aren’t newcomers to the movement, Read more […]

Svalbard – The Weight of the Mask (Nuclear Blast)

“Why do you listen to this crap? It’s just screaming anyway.” While the general public may not ever really grasp heavy metal and it’s wildly diverse subgenres, there’s a growing number of acts who have Read more […]

Shrapnel Storm – Silo (Great Dane Records)

Well-known as the highest ratio of metal bands per capita as a country, Finland embraces a wide range of styles of the melodic to extreme variety. Shrapnel Storm find themselves in the conventional death Read more […]

Prong – State of Emergency (Steamhammer/SPV)

Moving back into New York after spending time in California, Tommy Victor with Prong has been very steadfast in his level of quality control for this crossover / heavy outfit. Always content to incorporate Read more […]

Moonlight Sorcery – Horned Lord of the Thorned Castle (Avantgarde Music)

Having thoroughly enjoyed Moonlight Sorcery’s tandem of EPs last year – Piercing Through the Frozen Eternity and Nightwind: The Conqueror from the Stars – it was only a matter of time before their first Read more […]

Iron Savior – Firestar (AFM Records)

What is a veteran act like Iron Savior to do when live shows are shut down in a pandemic? Well, you just get down to more studio work – releasing a second set of reimagined material in 2022’s Reforged Read more […]

Dead and Dripping – Blackened Cerebral Rifts (Transcending Obscurity)

Dead and Dripping’s latest offering, Blackened Cerebral Rifts, is a testament to tight coordination and intricate polyrhythms; also a vivisection of organic ferocity using the previously mentioned tools. Read more […]

The Hirsch Effekt – Urian (Long Branch Records)

Being one who tends to gravitate towards bands that utilize the ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ approach, there’s always something to be said about a band who is willing to try things out of the norm. Read more […]

Blame Zeus – Laudanum (Self-Released)

Previously coming to our attention through their Bandcamp analysis of their second album Theory of Perception in 2017, Portugal’s Blame Zeus released Seethe in the last quarter of 2019 on Rockshots Records. Read more […]

PassCode – Groundswell (Universal)

Still riding a bit high from the band’s US debut shows in early September, it felt right to give PassCode’s most recent EP Groundswell a chance to shine on it’s own. A four song release, their second EP Read more […]

Tomb Mold – The Enduring Spirit (20 Buck Spin)

This review was a particularly difficult one to write, and that’s likely to be a similar response to sitting down and fully appreciating what Tomb Mold have crafted with The Enduring Spirit. Thus far, Read more […]

Beyond Shadows – Beyond Shadows (Self-Released)

Being an ardent follower of the underground scene throughout the 80’s and 90’s, this scribe got the fortunate opportunity to take in many new artists trudging through the demo stages in hopes of honing Read more […]

Asinhell – Impii Hora (Metal Blade Records)

While writing material for 2021’s Servant of the Mind album, guitarist/frontman of Volbeat Michael Poulsen had a few death metal riffs that obviously did not fit the Danish mainstay act – so he saved Read more […]

Altarage – Worst Case Scenario (Doomentia Records)

When traversing to the realm of highly experimental death metal, it’s best to resist preconceived notions of typical meaty death metal. It is experimental, after all, so there’s an incalculable level Read more […]

Nervosa – Jailbreak (Napalm Records)

The implosion of any band lineup can take a toll mentally as well as physically. To survive this happening twice over the past five years could be catastrophic for most – but not in the case of Prika Read more […]

Sinnery – Below the Summit (Exitus Stratagem Records)

Smartly following up last year’s great Black Bile album, Israeli band Sinnery serve listeners a five-track EP in Below the Summit. There’s a sense of urgency tempered with finesse, sophistication, Read more […]