Ashrain – Requiem Reloaded (Metalville)

How many times have you heard this story before: virtuoso guitarist assembles skilled musicians to execute a killer brand of melodic power metal, intertwining progressive and 80’s hard rock influences? Read more […]

Overkill – Scorched (Nuclear Blast)

Rarely will you hear a metal career reach twenty studio albums – but that’s the case with Overkill at this point in time for Scorched. The veteran green and black attack continue to combine a love Read more […]

Decipher – Arcane Paths to Resurrection (Transcending Obscurity)

To those who prefer their metal of the sometimes corpse painted blackened persuasion, there has been no shortage of majestic tunes in the last decade or so. While the good stuff comes from all corners Read more […]

Rosslyn – Totentanz (Sliptrick Records)

Hailing from Spain, Rosslyn lives for traditional heavy metal and themes of a historical, legendary nature on this second full-length Totentanz (German for ‘the dance of Death’). The four-piece came Read more […]

Archon Angel – II (Frontiers Records)

While there has been some talk about Savatage reforming to provide new material after their 2015 Wacken Open Air performance, as of yet, this has not materialized (though it does still seem this is actively Read more […]

VoidCeremony – Threads of Unknowing (20 Buck Spin)

Having made their full-length debut in 2020 with Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel (say that five times fast), VoidCeremony laid out an intriguing incarnation of technical death metal, Read more […]

Rotpit – Let There Be Rot (War Anthem Records)

An international death metal trio with ties to acts like Massacre, Wombbath, and Revel in Flesh, Rotpit started during 2020 as these musicians became heavily inspired to develop material in the early 90’s Read more […]

Sermon – Of Golden Verse (Prosthetic Records)

One of the best pleasures of listening to underground music is that the next band to make an impression commonly appears out of thin air. Case in point: Four years ago, a small project named Sermon made Read more […]

Dystersol – Anaemic (Black Sunset)

Hailing from Austria, Dystersol began in 2014 and have released two previous full-lengths (Welcome the Dark Sun independently the same foundation year, as well as The Fifth Age of Man in 2018 on WormHoleDeath) Read more […]

Raider – Trial by Chaos (Self-Released)

Impressive right away with 2020’s Guardian of the Fire full-length, Canada’s Raider returns for the second album Trial by Chaos. Continuing on a self-released platform, even the slight membership shuffling Read more […]

Lurk – Aegis (Transcending Obscurity)

A differing twist to a time tested musical style is always welcome to these ears. Finland’s Lurk fancied a one of a kind pathway into the sludge/doom spectrum, infusing a pensive melancholic mood to Read more […]

Omnicidal – The Omnicidalist (Non Serviam Records)

With origins from 2019, Swedish unit Omnicidal contains musicians with ties to acts like Lake of Tears, Sister Sin, and Rimfrost. They released two singles in 2021 to set the stage for signing with Non Read more […]

Lamp of Murmuur – Saturnian Bloodstorm (Argento Records)

It is apparent from the sweeping riffage of lead track “Conqueror Beyond the Frenzied Fog” that Saturnian Bloodstorm, the third full-length album from enigmatic, one-man coven Lamp of Murmuur, is a force Read more […]

Spirit Possession – Of the Sign… (Profound Lore Records)

When referencing the very early days of black metal, inevitably legends like Bathory, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Mortuary Drape, and others of that ilk will enter the conversation. Alas, many of those innovators Read more […]

Vanish – A Hint of Solace (El Puerto Records)

In the crevices of certain scenes lurk musicians or bands that display a professional approach that may not necessarily gain a large following, but demand attention and respect from those faithful legions Read more […]

Voidscape – Odyssey of Spite (Nefarious Industries)

This three-piece from New Jersey Voidscape contains musicians with a wealth of experience across the underground metal scenery – either live or studio endeavors with Tombs, Sworn Enemy, Replicant, Windfaerer, Read more […]

Scorched Moon – Obsidia (Independent)

There has been much buzz around Scorched Moon’s first full-length and with good reason. Formed in 2012 as a two-man project by Trapper Lanthier and Scott Helmreich in Savannah, GA, the band went on hiatus Read more […]

Kommand – Death Age (20 Buck Spin)

Bolt Thrower’s uncompromising style of death metal is the pinnacle of what the genre is all about for this scribe; raw, uncompromising, and gritty. Since the devastating passing of drum extraordinaire Read more […]

Ne Obliviscaris – Exul (Season of Mist)

The pandemic is a time we’d all like to put in the rear view mirror. Our lives were turned upside down as we ventured into the unknown. A lot of people showed who they really are – for better and for Read more […]

Phantom Elite – Blue Blood (Frontiers)

With the band’s second release, Titanium, laying the groundwork for the band’s sound, the trio of Phantom Elite return for a third offering with producer Sander Gommans still in tow.  Blue Blood isn’t Read more […]

Ad Infinitum – Chapter III – Downfall (Napalm Records)

Ad Infinitum teased their first release all the way back in November 2018 with their single “I Am The Storm” but then left us to wait until April 2020 for their full-length debut, Chapter I – Monarchy. Read more […]

Invicta – Triumph and Torment (SubLevel Records)

Although four years have passed since releasing a killer debut album for Halls of Extinction, Canadian thrashers Invicta haven’t sat idly by when it comes to issuing some cover material during the downtime. Read more […]

Shores of Null – The Loss of Beauty (Spikerot Records)

Having been a Dead Rhetoric staff favorite since their debut album Quiescence, Italy’s Shores of Null have carved out a specific niche for themselves within the doom metal spectrum. The most defining Read more […]

Viscera – Carcinogenesis (Unique Leader)

Viscera’s debut, Obsidian, was one of those rare treats where your expectations were blown away easily (mostly due to the use of the word ‘deathcore’) and it only gained traction as 2020 continued on.  Read more […]

Ov Sulfur – The Burden ov Faith (Century Media)

With deathcore hitting more of a ‘grown up’ period in the last year or so (with Lorna Shore’s Pain Remains being a bit of a benchmark), it’s not surprising that other bands have also been moving in that Read more […]

Lankester Merrin – Dark Mother Rises (Black Sunset)

For those curious souls wondering how these Germans got their name – Lankester Merrin comes from the fictional character Father Lankester Merrin in the novel The Exorcist. A quintet of musicians that Read more […]

Afsky – Om hundrede år (Vendetta Records)

Single member projects have become a norm, and is an awe-inspiring feat to accomplish. Black metal is a genre that breeds a sizable number of such musical endeavors. One particular project that has had Read more […]

Lovebites – Judgement Day (JPU Records)

Lovebites, the frantic Japanese power metal band who all but dances around at high-octane tempos and leaving a pile of dust in their wake, have returned once more with Judgement Day.  Approaching with Read more […]

Dawn Ray’d – To Know the Light (Prosthetic Records)

Whether some want to admit it or not, political themes and music will always be intertwined. None more so than in the punk and metal genres, from calls to action on the less fortunate to pure anarchy and Read more […]

Angerot – The Profound Recreant (Redefining Darkness Records)

A large amount of the music yours truly, and likely some of those reading this as well, tend to gravitate towards is relatively complex and grandiose in scope. However, one must also embrace the boisterous Read more […]