Cryptosis – Bionic Swarm (Century Media)

Risking possible alienation from an established thrash base, Dutch act Cryptosis is reborn in an extreme technical, progressive thrash way that has expansive horizons on multiple sonic levels for their Read more […]

Unflesh – Inhumation (Self-Released)

Unflesh impressed with their debut album, Saviors, back in 2018 with their vision of melodic blackened death metal that was laced with some technical aspects for good measure. Still the vision of Ryan Read more […]

Marasmus – Necrotic Overlord (Transcending Obscurity)

Coming in six years after their last release, Conjuring Enormity, the frantic death metal squad of Marasmus has made their return. What made their last album a winner was the dedication to throttling Read more […]

Dawn Ahead – Fallen Anthems (Art Gates Records)

Coming together between 2012 to 2014, German quintet Dawn Ahead have self-released two EP’s in a self-titled effort (2014) and A Trip of Violence (2018) – leading to some member shifts and signing Read more […]

Blindfolded and Led to the Woods – Nightmare Withdrawals (Self-Released)

For all the death metal that comes through the inbox, it’s really hard to distinguish between some of it. So many easily classifiable bands playing familiar sounds, which is not a bad thing in some Read more […]

Sirius Curse – Time Knows No Lies (Self-Released)

Containing members that had previous experience together during the 80’s/90’s in the German band Exterior, Sirius Curse from southern Germany began in 2014 and took their time due to established careers/families Read more […]

Witherfall – Curse of Autumn (Century Media)

Issuing a consistent stream of album, single and EP releases that showcase all sides of Witherfall and their capabilities since 2016, it’s little wonder how the third full-length Curse of Autumn could Read more […]

The Beast of Nod – Multiversal (Self-Released)

Massachusetts act The Beast of Nod introduces us to the term ‘intergalactic death metal’ and return with their second full-length offering. Many bands within the tech-death spectrum like to go for Read more […]

Secret Chord – Aurora (Sleaszy Rider Records)

Probably not surprising that the Portugal metal scene is quite broad and diverse thanks to the long-running success of Moonspell. Secret Chord as a newer act hail from Poiares, starting in 2015 and releasing Read more […]

Seraph in Travail – A Black Death Incense (Self-Released)

Philly’s Seraph in Travail have been putting out some enjoyable symphonic death/black mix for a while at this point and championing a heavy yet approachable sound. As album number three, A Black Death Read more […]

Enforcer – Live by Fire II (Nuclear Blast)

The shining stars of the current Swedish heavy/speed metal scene, Enforcer have circled the globe winning converts through their spirited, glorious material because of killer efforts like Diamonds and Read more […]

Creeping Fear – Hategod Triumph (Dolorem Records)

Good ole meat & potatoes death metal. If that’s what you are into, then Creeping Fear’s latest release is sure to satisfy. They doubled down on the meat & potatoes portion to give it plenty of heaviness, Read more […]

Ronnie Atkins – One Shot (Frontiers Music)

Coming to terms with stage four incurable cancer, Pretty Maids vocalist put his energy into a debut solo album with One Shot. Together with producer/multi-instrumentalist Chris Laney (also in Pretty Maids), Read more […]

The Drowned God – Pale Home (Solid State)

The evolution of blackgaze is one that is just as intriguing as that of its original source in pure, raw black metal. There’s been a number of interesting tweaks to the already altered formula, and Read more […]

Enforced – Kill Grid (Century Media)

Thanks to the success of Power Trip, a newer generation of crossover thrash/hardcore has been gaining steam in the label ranks. From Richmond, Virginia comes Enforced – together since 2016 and releasing Read more […]

Sanguisugabogg – Tortured Whole (Century Media)

Upon a quick inspection, you’d be apt to expect Sanguisugabogg to be a slamming brutal death metal band. The wholly indecipherable logo (with notably challenging spelling to boot) and cover art here Read more […]

Orden Ogan – Final Days (AFM Records)

Taking on a sci-fi / outer space landscape this go around, Orden Ogan continues to challenge themselves and their growing legions of followers as a premiere power/heavy metal act. Elevating to headline Read more […]

Metalite – A Virtual World (AFM Records)

Having established themselves with two previous releases that bring together elements of both power metal and pop, the bouncy and energetic formula for Metalite is pretty well written. What has worked Read more […]

As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies the Other (Long Branch Records)

With two smaller releases behind them, As Everything Unfolds is set to make a big splash with their first full-length in Within Each Lies the Other. Now backed by Long Branch Records for this effort, Read more […]

Split the Abyss – These Terrible Depths (Self-Released)

Spanning domestic and international lands to deliver ample coverage of the heavy music scene isn’t as easy to accomplish in today’s market as it may have been twenty or thirty years previous. More Read more […]

Bloodspot – The Cannibal Instinct (Reaper Entertainment)

Developing a raw thrash approach that includes punk and death influences, Bloodspot hail from Germany and since 2006 have been refining their approach through one EP and three previous albums. Gaining Read more […]

Distant – Dusk of Anguish (Unique Leader)

Ever a seemingly busy bunch, Distant have been providing plenty of downtuned deathcore with some slam elements on a very regular basis in the last few years. Last year they released the Dawn of Corruption Read more […]

Katana Cartel – The Sacred Oath (Self-Released)

Making a return appearance from their 2016 War Part I EP with a full-length in The Sacred Oath, Australia’s Katana Cartel took their time to develop a bit more seasoning and strength under their belts. Read more […]

Devin Townsend – Devolution Series #1: Acoustically Inclined, Live in Leeds (InsideOut)

No stranger to releasing live material, Devin Townsend is now presenting a group of works under the Devolution Series. A collection of releases that Townsend didn’t want to claim as major releases, Read more […]

The Crown – Royal Destroyer (Metal Blade)

Long running death/thrash purveyors The Crown show no signs of slowing down in versatility, punch, and execution. Their last album Cobra Speed Venom spit crushing riffs at various tempos, factoring in Read more […]

Dvne – Etemen Aenka (Metal Blade)

Heavy, thick slabs of sludge have always had a cinematic scope to them, if in the proper hands. Bands like Eyes of Fire or Mindrot have weaved webs of crushingly heavy riffs with more gentle atmosphere Read more […]

Sorizon – Thanatos Rising (Self-Released)

Active for 13 years and releasing two previous full-lengths and two EP’s, Sorizon calls Orange County, California home and have been positioning themselves well as a progressive metal act. Incorporating Read more […]

Estuarine – Nyarlathotep (Self-Released)

Estuarine is a one-man grind act that has released three full-lengths up to this point, and their most recent release was that of a 2019 EP entitled Wisdom of Silenus. Nyarlathotep is the subject of today’s Read more […]

Viral – Viral (Self-Released)

Brought to this scribe’s attention through Thomas Clifford (Profaned, Throne of Heresy, Abscession), Swedish act Viral have been together since 2012 and only released a self-titled demo in 2016 prior Read more […]

Trollfest – Happy Heroes (Napalm)

Life got you feeling the blues? Let the perpetually fun fellows in Trollfest give you a few reasons to turn that frown upside down. The band’s latest EP may be somewhat on the sort side, with just Read more […]