White Wizzard – High Speed GTO (Earache Records)

More retro and it’s not letting it up. And these guys are letting go of the past, which in metal, is acceptable – anywhere else, it’s not. So here we have White Wizzard from LA, brandishing a neo-NWOBHM Read more […]

Paradise Lost – Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us (Century Media Records)

Even during their very-experimental late 90’s/early 00’s period, Paradise Lost never totally lost their plot. Sure, 1997’s One Second and its follow-up,Host irked more than a few, especially those Read more […]

One Without – Thoughts Of A Secluded Mind (Lifeforce Records)

The last female-fronted Swedish “death” metal band (we’ve really stretched that term… “death metal”) to come along was Amaran, who in the span of two better-than-average albums, left little Read more […]

Ghost Brigade – Isolation Songs (Season of Mist Records)

It’s the sort of thing some of us metal-journos live for: a band making a gargantuan leap from album to the next, developing, evolving…getting better. We’re so inundated with releases nowadays that Read more […]

Municipal Waste – Massive Aggressive (Earache Records)

Hailing from Virginia, Municipal Waste epitomize a love of crossover thrash and partying- gaining large number of accolades for their energetic, fun loving live antics. Massive Aggressive hits the streets Read more […]

Ravage – The End of Tomorrow (Metal Blade Records)

On the outskirts of Boston, a young quintet of musicians follow their hearts through rarely known terrain for their territory. In the land of hardcore, metalcore and tribute bands, Ravage dare to dream Read more […]

Swashbuckle – Back to the Noose (Nuclear Blast Records)

Totally on board for this and yeah, we’ll pun-the-fuck out of this review if we have to. Pirate metal without the sea-faring sound elements ala Alestorm (who are of equal value), New Jersey’s Swashbuckle Read more […]

Blood Tsunami – Grand Feast For Vultures (Candlelight Records)

Slayer here, Slayer there, Slayer everywhere. Grand Feast For Vultures, the second offering from Norway’s Blood Tsunami takes more than a fair share of cues from Araya, King, and co. and it’s less Read more […]

Warbringer – Waking Into Nightmares (Century Media Records)

Growing up in the original thrash wave of the mid to late 1980’s, I’m happy to see a return thanks to the second generation of fans who desire to keep the energy, the spirit and vitality of the movement Read more […]

Merauder – God Is I (Regain Records)

When hardcore stays in the metallic vein, the results are more often than not, above-average. Merauder, who have made a career out of just staying a notch below the likes of Madball, Sworn Enemy, and Read more […]

Horde of Hel – Blodskam (Moribund Records)

Comprised of members of the Swedish black metal scene (we’re guessing at least someone from Marduk is in this band), Horde of Hel’s industrial BM leanings are without the over-produced and futuristic Read more […]

The Psyke Project – The Dead Storm (Lifeforce Records)

A stark contrast to the overly-glossy sounds currently emanating from Denmark (read: Raunchy, Volbeat, et al), The Psyke Project keep it ugly and uglier throughout The Dead Storm. It has the necessary Read more […]

Evile – Infected Nations (Earache Records)

What’s the old cliché of the rock business? You have forever to write your first album but six months to capture magic in a bottle for the follow-up? UK thrashers Evile hit the scene running with 2007’s Enter Read more […]

Chthonic – Mirror of Retribution (Spinefarm Records)

It sometimes seems that the idea of Chthonic is better than the reality. The Taiwanese symphonic black metal band came to the attention of Western audiences with the release of Seediq Bale in 2005. A Read more […]

Ahab – The Divinity of Oceans (Napalm Records)

Turgid aquatic doom…if there really is such a thing, then Germany’s Ahab are it. Regaling us with more stories of wave and woe, the band return with The Divinity of Oceans an equally-as-crushing Read more […]

Leaves’ Eyes – We Came With the Northern Winds/En Saga I Belgia DVD (Napalm Records)

The handful of times yours truly has seen Leaves’ Eyes live, it appeared a bit of live “trickeration” was going on if you catch my drift. The band sounded a little too pristine for these ears, Read more […]

Augury – Fragmentary Evidence (Nuclear Blast Records)

Quo Vadis, where art thou? Technical Canadian death metal is not the same without you and if one thinks for a second the likes of Despised Icon and Beneath the Massacre are capable of filling that void, Read more […]

Thornafire – Vortex Deconstruccion (Ibex Moon Records)

There’s something awfully hateful with the Spanish language. Just the inflection is convincing enough (just reference any sitcom that uses the negative stereotype of the angry Spanish woman), so pair Read more […]

Nightrage – Wearing A Martyr’s Crown (Lifeforce Records)

Funny…it’s really simple to play melodic death metal of the Swedish variety accordingly. Of course, everyone (i.e. random metalcore band #562) says they do it right, but they’re not Nightrage and Read more […]

Yob – The Great Cessation (Profound Lore Records)

With the Middian fiasco now in the rearview mirror, main Yob-dude Mike Scheidt appears to have done the right thing by re-activating this very crucial power trio. Prior to disbanding in 2005, Yob had a Read more […]

Hail of Bullets – Warsaw Rising EP (Metal Blade Records)

Responsible for the best death metal song of the last five years in the form of “Ordered Eastward,” Dutch death metal supergroup Hail of Bullets are pulling out the ‘ole stop-gap EP with Warsaw Read more […]

Gnostic – Engineering the Rule (Season of Mist Records)

Sort of a primer for Atheist’s first record in 16 years, Engineering the Rule bears several, if not too many resemblances the legendary tech-death crew. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering Read more […]

Precious Metal – Decibel Presents the Stories Behind 25 Extreme Metal Masterpieces (Da Capa Press)

As print dies a slow and painful death, those who grew up devouring Metal Maniacs, Terrorizer, and Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles (read: anyone over the age of 25) are left with few little options. Read more […]

The Legion – A Bliss To Suffer (Listenable Records)

A Bliss to Suffer is neither here nor there; a by-product of the generic nature of blackened death metal. It’s the brand of samey, hook-less extreme metal that has killed for lesser bands than The Legion, Read more […]

Divine Heresy – Bringer of Plagues (Century Media Records)

Talk about picking the best time to release an album. Bringer of Plagues is going to be released right in the thick over a legal battle of the Fear Factory name, which, depending on one’s perspective, Read more […]

Celesty – Vendetta (Spinefarm Records)

It’s split down the middle: if you’re a Finnish power metal band, you’re going to sound like either Stratovarius or Sonata Arctica. Not like there’s anything inherently wrong with that (is Thunderstone Read more […]

Fairyland – Score To A New Beginning (Napalm Records)

Fairyland, who without question have the worst name in all of power metal, won’t strike fear into anyone in the near future, but Score To A New Beginning has some legs to it. And since there are no Read more […]

Godflesh – Songs Of Love & Hate/Love & Hate In Dub/In All Languages DVD (Earache Records)

Musically, you can’t fault this little box set at all. Originally released back in 1996 Songs Of Love And Hate was a bleak masterpiece that has stood the test of time thanks to it’s powerful product. Read more […]

Ava Inferi – Blood of Bacchus (Season of Mist Records)

Now having fully severed ties with Mayhem, guitarist Rune Eriksen (aka “Blasphemer”) can now turn his focus to Ava Inferi, a far less black metal-tinged outfit with two albums already under its belt Read more […]

Goatwhore – Carving Out the Eyes of God (Metal Blade Records)

God is the target this time out for Goatwhore. Not Hurricane Katrina or the painstaking healing process singer Ben Falgoust endured after a 2003 van accident. It’s a fitting approach for the New Orleans Read more […]